BitTorrent Plus: New Services, Streaming Video – #CES 2012



Of course, when you say “BitTorrent”, people get images of hackers and illegal downloaders. But Torrents do have many positives to them. If an item is in public domain – for example – then you would be able to download and consume that content without issue.

BitTorrent has been working on bettering their reputation. BitTorrent Plus has been created to give the users a better experience. You can use it to share larger files over the internet in an efficient manner. Their new service is called Share. It’s in Alpha right now, but the app is intended to send non-copyright material to friends and family. Things like family photos, videos, and other items.

Along with this new service, they are working on a live streaming protocol to let you send movies and pictures to family on their TVs. That way, Grandma and Grandpa can watch junior grow up, and not have to worry about opening a folder on the internet. Just turn on the TV, open the app and watch.

Bittorrent announced 4 partnerships with companies in Europe and Asia to embed the protocol into their devices.

A Bittorrent account is free, but if you would like anti-virus and conversion features, a $24.95 / year is the cost. Share is in alpha and is free to download.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central


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