Craftsman Surelink: Worlds first Internet Connected Garage Door – CES 2012


Salvatore Parlatore from Craftsman joined us at the TPN CES . They have over 6,000 products, and a lot of gear that is improved by technology. Craftsman Surelink is no different – It’s the world’s first internet connected .

If you’ve ever left in a hurry, you start to think 5 minutes later if you closed the garage door. Now, with this new device, you can check with your . It will tell you if it’s open, so you can close the door.

Craftsman Surelink app is available for and devices. When you log in (password security), you choose the garage door and find out if it’s open or closed.

The best part is you don’t need to be around when the repairmen need to come in. You don’t need to hide a key, and you don’t need to give anyone a code.

These have quiet drive belts, and backup battery so you can open your garage door if in a power outtage. Future include a if the garage door opens.

Craftsman Surelink starts at $349 and you can learn more from Craftsman.

Interview by of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


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