D-Link Shows Whole Home Router, Home Cameras, Boxee Box

D-Link Whole Home Router

D-Link Whole Home Router

Steve Stanzione joins the TPN live CES coverage. Regardless of your home installation skill, you will have some dead spots in wifi coverage. The new D-Link Whole Home Router that has steerable beam antennas. It virtually eliminates zones where coverage drops out, especially those who are streaming Hi-Def content.

Steve also shows off the Home wireless cameras (932), then a close up look at the D-Link Boxee Box – the connectors, the remote, and some of the behind the scenes stories on why D-Link chose to add some features, and leave out others.

The Whole Home Router is available in Q2, the camera is $120 and the Boxee Box is $249.

Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net

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