Epson Expression Home XP410 All-in-One Printer

Epson XP410

Epson XP410

This week I take a look at the Epson Expression home XP 410 printer. This is a smaller All-in-on printer that doesn’t need to connect to a computer to be set up or printed to. In fact, you don’t even need to be at home to print pictures to this printer.

I personally use Epson printers at home. The Artisan 810 has been my main printer for the last couple years. The XP410 is meant to be a smaller printer – so no paper tray, no duplexer and no sheet feeder. What it does do – it prints.

The XP410 is a 4-color printer (CYM-B). Epson uses DURABrite Ultra pigment ink, so pictures are smudge, fade and water resistant on glossy paper. The XP410 can print 8.7 pages per minute (ppm) and 4.5 ppm in color.

The Epson scanner will do a maximum resolution of 10,200 x 14,040, which is larger than you will most likely scan something in. You can scan to copy, scan to USB or scan to cloud or computer.

With the Epson iPrint app, I can use iOS or Android to print out pictures from my phone or tablet. I can also print via email – which Epson gives you when you sign up from the site.

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Epson XP410

Epson XP410

Epson XP 410 – the Good

This printer is pretty small. I printed using several types of paper and it held through. Even with construction paper – something that failed from time to time from my Artisan 810 (because the paper had to flip through the rollers).

The XP410 size is small enough to be in a corner and not noticed. The LCD screen and touchpad allow you to setup your wireless without a computer. If you do want to connect to a computer, just use a USB cable.

The printer broadcasts on the SSID. I was at my desktop and it picked up on the printer – a screen came up asking if I wanted to install it. The firmware was then updated on the printer and was ready to print from my machine.

Ink is priced right – $10 per standard cartridge ($40 for full replace). There are two types of replacements – the T200 (165-175 pages) and the 200XL (450-500 pages).

Epson XP410

Epson XP410

Epson XP 410 – the Bad

The power cable is in a really odd spot. I had to turn the printer on its side to get the plug in. Thankfully, that’s a one-time job.

I also had problems printing with the iPrint app. I couldn’t find out how to print in 4×6 photo mode. When I try to set up the app, it pulls up the web portal page. I tried to make changes there, but it still didn’t give me options to print more than 8.5×11

Epson XP410

Epson XP410

Overall – Epson XP 410

A decent printer for the sub-$100 market. I was able to print out some pictures of me over the summer, which I’ll frame and put on the wall. There was no extra work to try and get the print setup from computer. This will be great for a college student or a SMB that prints every so often.

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