Gammatech Durabook U12C Resists Drops, Spills



Paul Kim, VP of Marketing from GammaTech came on the TPN Live CES coverage. GammaTech deals in Rough case computers, including the GammaTech Durabook.

It’s a Mag Alloy Case, it can survive a military grade drop (3 foot), this is also a waterproof computer. In fact, if you spill something on it, the laptop has it’s own drain to let the liquid escape.

The Durabook runs on the i5 processor. WiFi and expansion modules let you install a CD drive. Two battery ports means a longer work time.

The Durabook is rated as military A10F – up to a 3 foot drop and spill resistant up to one-cup.  It runs Windows Embedded or Windows 7.  The Mag-Alloy case is 20 times stronger. Paul

You can put in 2 batteries. There are multiple expansion modules, so if you needed a CD drive, then it can be added.

This is a great notebook for medical professionals, nurses and doctors.

GammaTech is available in Best Buy, Radio Shack or buy online.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen

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