Gibson Self Tuning Guitar Gets Major Upgrade in Min-ETune – CES 2013

Gibson Min-ETune

Gibson Min-ETune

I am joined by Aljon from Gibson to talk about the newest technologies for the musician. We are surrounded by a wall of Les Paul guitars, basses and more. Aljon shows us the newest version of the tunable guitar system with a big change.

About Gibson Min-ETune

Before you would lift the knob on the guitar to get the tune. Now the tuning system is based on the neck. The system is called Min-ETune. With the tuning system in the neck the guitarist can look at the neck and strum the strings to get the device.

The Min-ETune comes with a rechargeable battery that can tune around 80-100 times.

Aljon shows off not only the standard Les Paul but also shows us the Gibson SG model for $999 with Min-ETune. The Gibson Signature T is around $2200 with Min-ETune installed. (


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