HAPIfork: Eat Healthier by Eating Slower



One of the more that stole the show at was a device that you use everyday. It’s an item that you put in your mouth time and time again. It’s the one piece of that I run out of first in the drawer.That is the Fork.

With that fork you shovel in food like , steak, salad, and . But with that we find that eating has become easier and so we do treat it like a shovel.

HAPIfork Shows you How to Eat Slower.

What HAPIfork does is help you break those habits that hurt your digestive system and possibly keep you overweight. By eating slower you digest your food properly and even eat less because your has a chance to fill and not over-fill.

Like a for your mouth, the fork will let you know if you are eating too fast. HAPIfork will vibrate when its time to take another fork-. And just like any other good device nowadays, you can get all your data from or computer. (HAPIfork at HAPILABS)


Video by , the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).



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