I’m Watch : Worlds First Smart Watch – CES 2012

I'm Watch

I'm Watch

While we were at the Venetian, we ran into I’m Watch. They have the world’s first smart watch. Not an enclosure of an , but an actual watch.

This is a small, ergonomic watch, with a similar to a . In multiple , you can get a watch to your fashion.

You can make a call from the watch (paired to Bluetooth). You can do the “” method, as there is a speaker and on the match.

The watch is a 240×240 on 1.54 inch screen. The watch has 64 MB or 128 MB of . You can store contact information, songs, or other programs. Battery life is around a day.

I’m Watch was a .

I’m Watch starts at $329 (pre-order). There is an online market for apps, with an SDK already released.

Interview by Courtney of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.
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