IOGear: HDMI HD UpScale Switch Turns Your 2D Movies into 3D Movies – CES 2012



IOGear has a box so cool, there is no name for it yet.

While at the IOGear booth at CES, Todd talked to Joshua about this new box. It does a few different things in a 3×6 box. It’s all about 3D – you want 3D, but the standards are not set, or you don’t like the way 3D works.

What they have done, is they put a 2D to 3D conversion in a 4-port HDMI switch. You can then adjust the 3D level to what works for you. All within a 2D movie.

If the depth is too much, some people could get sick. Plus, you can get the 3D glasses you like, and adjust them.

Additionally, if you have anything in 480i, you can convert to 720p. If you have 720p, you can convert to 1080p. Any old movies can instantly become 3D.

IOGear unnamed box is expected to be available in March for an MSRP of $199.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


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