J5 Create Wormhole Station: Control Mac, PC from one Keyboard, Mouse – #CES 2012

J5 Create

J5 Create

Most of us are starting to have a mixed environment. The fact that more Macs enter into a home means that households will most likely have both a PC and Mac, which they use in abundance.

That is where J5Create is stepping in. Those Apple users know about this company, as they announce a new product, called the Wormhole Station.

This J5 Wormhole Station – combined with a Wormhole cable – makes a mini KM (keyboard and mouse) switch. This allows the user to control a Mac, and a PC. The Wormhole station moves files seamlessly from one computer to the other.

JUC100 J5 Create Wormhole KM Switch on Amazon

A great feature of the Wormhole station – is a setting, which if you move the mouse cursor off one side of Mac screen, it transfers the cursor to the PC screen.

The J5 Wormhole station is available now for and desktop configurations. For $109.99 (the wormhole cable is $39.99).

Interview by of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


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