Kingston HyperX Solid State Drive (SSD) – CES Digital Experience



While at CES, we stopped and talked with Kingston. They have been a big part of computer memory for many years – I remember when I bought my first  Megabyte of RAM (at $40 a stick!).

It only makes sense they would be expanding to SSD technology. We saw them at Digital Experience, and they were showing off their new HyperX line. SSD technology has advanced to the point where it becomes trusted use for a computer. Most Ultrabooks will contain SSD technology instead of a spinning disc (which is what makes an Ultrabook battery last a long time).

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HyperX is a Sand force based controller SSD – SATA 6GB with 550/500MB/S. The new HyperX comes with an external drive bay so you can transfer the data before replacing the hard drive. Currently for the 120 GB version seen in the video below the price is coming in at a little over $200.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


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