Looqiloo Helps Monitize Video – DEMO 2012



If you watch Community, you know about Leonard’s lucrative frozen pizza review. Imagine that Leonard did that review, which took you to Amazon to purchase multiple frozen pizzas. Yes –Amazon has Frozen Pizza.

Looqiloo is a site that gives your product video review a monetary value. The site is in Beta right now, but you can sign up for the service. You can use any video you create – even if it’s on YouTube.

Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith

Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith

Just upload the video, and let Looqiloo do the rest. For example, we had this Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith: I would create a small video, then post to Looqiloo. They have a direct link to Amazon, so if anyone purchases that toy, you could see a percentage of revenues.

Everyone’s videos will appear on the page, you just have to watch how they use it. You can also choose who had the best review of the product.

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