Noitavonne EGO Series Joystick: Remote Control, Joystick and Hotspot – CES 2013


All in one devices are getting better and better. For instance, take this from Noitavonne.

Noitavonne focuses on all types of and the technologies that surround. The Series joystick that features a 64 . Connect via to the phone then use it as a remote for tablet or Windows 8 device with . Connect it with your TV and when a call comes up you can answer right from the remote.

Noitavonne Joystick even has a small flip-up 1080p screen to reveal a and dedicated Facebook button.

Noitavonne Joystick is expected to be released in the spring of this year with a price point of “between $249 and $349”.


Interview by Don , the Gadget Professor.

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