OmniMount Standing Desk to Promote Health – CES 2013


Did you know that standing will help your ? , loose fat and build leg muscle so you can lose the fat. For home or office the 65 allows you seemless movement from standing to seated movement.

OmniMount Desk

Omnimount gives you an outlet to move. By using Postural rotation you can increase circulation. Desk65 comes with accessories such as a display so you can move it to your .

The Desk65 is a manual raise desk – no hydraulics or electronics that could break down. OmniMount has a cam- that brings better functionality and longer lasting technology.


If you would like to see OmniMount, just look for (the trailer) in your home town. They are part of the cause which teaches you the benefits of standing more.

Desk65 is available through the website or online distributors.

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