Recon Instruments: Display in Ski Goggles for Skiers, Snowboarders – CES 2012

Recon Instruments


A heads up display in your for skiers? That is what Recon Instruments is working on.

These goggles won a . It’s a pair of goggles, but it tells you a lot more.

“This is our Mod Live.” Mark says. “It’s an Android based unit. It provides skiiers, snowboarders, snowmobiles, anyone with – speed, vertical decent, distance traveled, altitude.”

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Mod Live also ships with a variety of apps, including buddy tracker, navigation, . It has , and to know what you are hearing. The GPS data keeps you informed. There is even a monitor for you to check your of that last jump.

They don’t make the goggles – they make the technology. They have some manufacturers, and are soon partnering with others.

The are : Android based for $399 and Non-Android version is $299.

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