Replace your Pets or even get a Robotic Pet Companion in the PLEO – CES 2010


The PLEO is a completely robotic companion pet with sensors that will react to it’s environment. If you pet it, the PLEO will want more. If the PLEO is tired, it will take a nap. Fully adaptive and won’t leave a stain on the carpet.

They are called “Camerasaurus”. They hatch from an egg and they grow. Of course, you can help it out with additions at the PLEO store. Give it new sounds and new moods. The moods you can get for the PLEO are free.

Rob Blatt interviews Derek on the PLEO. Derek talks about how the PLEO can be a Pet companion. At $349 you might not want to get it for the dogs or cats, but if you have a child that suffers from multiple allergies, this might be a good alternative.

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