Siano: Turning Smartphones, Tablets into Digital Mobile TVs – CES 2012



Guy Halamish from Siano joined Andy and Don for the CES Live show. Siano is a digital mobile television company. They make products that allows users to get programs on their .

The Siano’s MDTV device (Multi-Standard MDTV Receiver Chips) plugs directly into an or into a . It receives over-the-air television stations. So you could watch a show while riding the bus, or on your break.

Think of it like those ’s that you used to buy to watch your afternoon programming. Your mobile device can become one of those.

Some of the channels on the Siano menu are free and some require a user to pay for them.  The product is popular world-wide and is gathering in the United States.

Interview by Andy of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


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