VeriSonix: Speakers that can be Sewn into Bags, Clothing – CES 2012



Speakers in the clothing is not a new concept, but not too many people can bring it to market. Enter in VeriSonix, where they have Electret-electrostatic Flexible Loudspeakers (EFL). Basically, super thin speakers (size of cardboard), woven in , and very flexible. VeriSonixEFL uses membrane speaker technology, so no speaker cones are needed. EFL is , as they use only 10 percent of the power of normal speakers.

VeriSonix sells to end customers. VeriSonix (based in Taipei, Taiwan) works with Taiwan electrets electronics corporation(TEEC) in creating the EFL. This technology can easily be put into clothing, gear (like ), tablecloths (a great way to amplify a speaker at a dinner), and other materials.

I could even see the EFL system wrapping a room, or embedding in furnature to keep the volume low, but let you hear what’s going on with a movie or . Maybe in a movie theatre, to enhance sound, too. There are a lot of possibilities for EFL speakers.

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