TPN Roundtable 03-28-12 iTunes RSS Changes – Royalty Free Music


iTunes has changed up their RSS requirements due to the 3rd generation iPad resolutions. Now, you must have 1200×1200 album art, amongst other requirements added to the iTunes tag. Todd Cochrane talk about these new requirements and how you should update your album artwork ASAP.

If you listen to podcasts or watch video shows, you probably hear the music in the background. You might be watching another show, and that same music shows up. This is most likely royalty free music – something you purchase to use for video content. It can enhance a podcast and bring a wall of sound, so the listeners enjoy your show a little more. Jeffrey Powers talks about some places you can go to get royalty free music, things to watch out for when you purchase a track, and how your can make your own music to use in the background of your own podcasts.

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