Trikke: Electric Hybrid Vehicle that Folds up for Portability – CES 2012



Trikkes are not the ones you had growing up. New age trikes, as she says in the video.

This is a 3 wheeled vehicle which could go up to 17 MPH. The charged battery will go 20 miles, and it folds up so you take it on a bus (lightweight frame built with aircraft grade aluminum) . Plug it in and charge using a standard plug outlet.

Even though it’s an electric transport vehicle, it still can use your momentum to move. In fact, you may have seen the original Trikke at your favorite retailer. If you love skiing, this best simulates it.

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Trikkes are available in and and the prices range from $1300 to $2200. The Trikke

Interview by of Geek News Central


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