Trojan Pulse, Tri-Phoria – CES 2013

Trojan Tri-phoria

Trojan Tri-phoria

So you ask yourself, “How did Trojan get into CES?” Healthy technology comes in all shapes and sizes. We saw pedometers that attach to iPhones, forks that help you eat slower and even products that extend your life. Pleasuring a partner is also a healthy thing to do not only physically but also emotionally. Therefore, Trojan is here to not only help live healthier lives but also show off some of their technology products.

Remember – these devices were considered medical cures for hysteria back in the 1900’s. They are no different than any other massage device that releases tension.


Trojan Tri-phoria

With 3 different tips, the tri-phoria is a great way to give variety. 8 speed settings that takes a single double-A battery and also comes with a Trojan condom. Flicker, stimulating and dome tips. $39.95

Trojan Pulse

The pulse is meant for travel. Stick it in your bag for long extended trips. $24.95

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