zBoost zForce: Signal Booster for Your Car, 4G booster – CES 2012



zBoost came back on the Live show this year to talk about their new products. zBoost by Wi-Ex is a range of signal extenders that improve cell and phone coverage.

Sharon Cuppett, of Wi-Ex, joined Todd and Don on their newest version – zBoost -V, a signal booster for Verizon with dual band and tri-band down the line. zBoost also showed off the zBoost zForce, an in-car booster.

The antenna is magnetic, so you can set it on your car, or get it professionally installed. The zForce will increase the signal up to 10x.

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zBoost zForce will retail at $99, it will be available by mid-2012.

Interview by of Geek News Central and Don , the Gadget Professor, for the TechPodcast Network.


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