Zeo Teaches How to Sleep



Studying sleep patterns can be a key to learning how to sleep better. That is what Zeo is all about. Last year (then called MyZeo) we interviewed them and found out about the system. This year they are back with a stronger direction.

Zeo is a personal sleep coach. The best way to do it is find out how you sleep. While you sleep, a headband tracks your brainwaves. Zeo will then record and report that to get a score.

REM is the best type of sleep. Therefore, learning how you sleep is how you work towards better sleep. This helps with overall health.

Weight loss, alzheimers, stress and more are better ways a good night’s sleep can help.

Zeo cost $199 and is available at Amazon and Brookstone.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien

Interview by Scott Elliot

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