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Geekazine New Patreon Page: Be a Part of the Sconnie Geek Nation!

Geekazine has decided to venture into the crowdfunding game by joining Patreon. As we’re approaching 10 years of podcasting and content creation, I have found the last couple years have not been as lucrative as in past. Cancelling a few events I attend for fresh content, I am now in a precarious situation as to the direction of the website and other properties. By joining Patreon, I am asking you – the content viewer – to help out with covering funds for my videos and travel. I have been able to do this for the last 9 years, heading to CES, SXSW, NAB, and more. I have also had some great success with other companies helping in this, but some of the companies are in a recessive year and not able to help out. But I always said that in order to have a funding page like Patreon,...


Time for a New Credit Card System?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Getting ready to head back to Vegas for Tech Cocktail. The folks at Veeam have stepped up to help with airfare. Now I have to plan the week of getting some startup interviews and more. Just as the CES live broadcast videos have been wrapped up. Welcoming a new blogger on Geekazine. Adi from MHF Tech will be posting about games on Geekazine. Of course, I’ll be highlighting his articles on the show.  Last night’s TWIGG had Libby Chang from Wearables Weekly on the show. We had a great event talking about Luke Wallace’s new Glass frames. I am waiting for my v.2 Glass to return from Google. It’s FAWM – February Album Writing Month. While I don’t usually do 14 songs anymore, I am going to try my best to do as many as possible. Some of them might just become...


Sonicbids Creates Electronic Press Kits (EPK) – SXSW 2012 [Video]

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at SXSW, I sat down with Sonicbids – the online Electronic Press Kit (EPK). I was first introduced to Sonicbids around 10 years ago when the company came on the scene. I even signed up for the beta! Fast forward to 2012, and Sonicbids is still running strong. With over 26,00 promoters and over 100,000 gigs booked in 2011, Sonicbids has been working social media before the term was coined. Sonicbids can help people find gigs in cities they don’t live in. For example – if you are in New York, and you plan a trip to San Francisco, you can put up your EPK on Sonicbids, then network with other bands and promoters to find places to play and promote your band. I sit down and talk with Tess at Sonicbids to find out about what Sonicbids is doing...