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Fan Tone Ceiling Fan Cleans And Cools The Air

These days, people are spending the majority of their time indoors, so that means there are more bad things in our air that we need to get out. There’s already an assortment of products to help clean the air in our homes, but they are usually stand-alone devices that look out of place no matter where we put them. The Fan Tone concept design combines air cleaning with something you already have: A ceiling fan. It will save you some space and keep your air clean at the same time. A ceiling fan with a built-in air purifier seems like a great idea since all of the air passes through your fan already. It will keep you feeling cooler, while also passing air through its HEPA filter system. This will make sure that your home is as healthy as possible, without the need for standalone purifiers that likely...

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Popular Wearable Tech Trends for 2015?

Would you buy a wristband that continuously purifies the air while you are running? If you like gadgets like this, you are going to love the following ideas. A few of these gadget ideas could possibly make an appearance in the future, so keep your eye out for them. However, some of these devices are already on the market. A Wristband Unlike Any Other Alexandr Kostin, an inventor, designed an air purifier that can be worn on your wrist all day long. You can wear this device while running, or use it while taking a stroll through the mall. The technology behind this wristband is similar to a regular air purifier. It vacuums up the polluted air within its range, and releases the freshly filtered air back into the area. Alexandr’s design comes with a refillable carbon filter and a rechargeable battery. An Anklet to Track Your Running...