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VOX NBX150H Amp with NuTube Technology and Starstream Guitar

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn the last year, VOX has been coming out with great amplifiers with their new NuTube technology. Tubes that take up less space and power while adding great functionality to your sound. While at NAMM 2017, I got to check out the newest prototypes of amp head in the NBX150H. Vox NBX150H The NBX150H is a Prototype amp head that can go all the way down to 5 Watts. The head gives you a high gain amplifier that also gives you the sounds you might need. Inside is the NuTube technology – a flat tube that takes up 30% of a standard tube. It gives you the same drive at 2% power. This design came from the Noritake Company who manufactures high-end televisions. Vox acquired the technology to improve the amp. Vox Starstream Guitar The Starstream provides a wide range of guitar sounds...

Acoustic Stream is a Bluetooth Wireless Guitar and Microphone

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSImagine a device that can send your guitar signal and vocals to the amp, then give you a wireless in-ear. That is what Acoustic Stream is all about. Acoustic or electric guitar – Acoustic stream could be the bluetooth wireless alternative. Backed as a Kickstarter, Acoustic Stream was able to raise the money to continue development to this device. The Bluetooth dongle pairs with an iOS or Android device to turn into a recording unit, tuner, or push the signal to an amplifier. Best part is you don’t need a pickup on the guitar – the Acoustic Stream will become that pickup. I talked with Bob Bean – creator of the device. He has been working on this project and plans to turn this into your 4-in-1 wireless device. That means you will be able to also connect a microphone and...

Sony Handycam PJ710 Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI had the opportunity to play with the Sony Handycam PJ710 over the summer. I saw these Sony cameras at CES and was really excited to add this to my video arsenal. This is a camera that is also a video projector. Great for showing off those videos you just took of the kids, the parents or whatever you recorded. The camera is part of the PJ7xx series. PJ710 and PJ790. The main difference between the two is the PJ790 comes with 96 GB internal flash memory – perfect for a few hours of recording. I also have the Sony Handycam XR260 – a previous model with internal HD that records up to 24 hours in 1080p. Advantages of Sony Handycam PJ710 The best advantage was the stabilization system. The balanced optical SteadyShot is a device that will actually stabilize the...

Phil Easter from American Airlines on the Travel Hackathon

American Airlines & AT&T Travel Hackathon: Making the Flight Experience Better – SXSW 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSDuring SXSW I stopped by the AT&T / American Airlines Travel Hackathon. American Airlines opened up their API to the groups for 24 hours to see what they would come up with to improve the travel experience. This is a road show that will be headed to London, then back in the US for similar hackathons. What is a Hackathon? A Hackathon is where people join teams and build software and hardware using Application Programming Interfaces (API) that are open and available to them. Were up here at the Hilton and up on the 4th floor for the AT&T Hackathon for here with phil easter tell me what’s what’s going on with the hackathon? This is the first ever travel hackathon it’s sponsored by AT&T and american airlines so i’m with american airlines and i represent the mobile application team. This is the...

Kirk H&J: Wireless Smartphone Charging – CES 2013 Live

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Kirk H&J offers an entire range of Inpofi devices and models that enable wireless charging using a proprietary transfer system called “Electric Transfer” to charge devices by placing them on the charging surface. For the Samsung S3 – you remove the back to install the system.  For the iPhone there are a variety of cases , currently for the iPhone 4 – with the iPhone 5 due in the first quarter of 2013.  Charging times are similar to wired systems, and offer over 90% efficiency. You can mix and match iPhone and Galaxy devices. The units are available presently at OhmTopia.com , and should soon be found in regular big box stores. Estimated price points are $50-$70. TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.


zBoost Wi-Ex Increases Signal Reliability with LTE Devices

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Our friends at Wi-Ex are continuing to grow the femtocell and WiFi repeater. They have introduced their newest model – which will repeat LTE signals so your house or business is covered and your phone gets a signal. The zBoost by Wi-Ex comes in different versions of LTE – one for Verizon and one for AT&T. Therefore, you will need the specific WiEX for your carrier. The Wi-EX plugs into a wall and extends an antenna to a high point (mainly on the roof). TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

Audi RS5 with Google Earth Embedded in MMI Navigation Plus – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLooking for a new car? How about an Audi RS5? We take a look at the 420 HP V8 engine. With the Audi MMI navigation plussystem, the RS5 will give you a QNX system with an embedded Google Earth client on top of their navigation system. This is all the Audi cars – Q7 – A6 – A8 – A5 and A3 (at the end of the year). Audi is working on bringing 4G into the car. There is already 3G embedded through T-Mobile. 4G will be with AT&T and T-Mobile. RS5 Cabriolet covertable is available now. Audi RS5 will start at $69,700


Sony Wireless Camera Microphone UWPV6 for Professional Interviews

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS You are stepping up your game as a video blogger, newscaster, interviewer, or just want something that doesn’t have a wire attached to it. The answer – a wireless camera microphone that you can use in any situation. There are many out there, but in this case, going cheap may mean not having the best sound or the interview at all. If you are in a expo hall, there may be several wireless systems competing with yours. That is why I bought the Sony UWPV6 (3032) wireless microphone system. It’s a handset mic and a wireless lavaliere when you need it. Most important, it’s a microphone that adds a professional look to your interviews. I bought it from my friends over at B&H Photo. It’s a great place to go for all your audio, video, and photo gear. Located on...

10 Things I Learned From BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012

The event is over. I am sitting in the Yotel, a very interesting hotel on the corner of 10th and 42nd street in Hell’s Kitchen part of Manhattan, New York. After 3 days of solid work, a ton of video taken, and a lot of new people I met, I have a few minutes to sit and reflect about this whole experience. It’s amazing how an event like this can really bring you closer to the people you hear about online. Because of this, I thought I would go through a top ten list of the things I learned not only being at the show, but also being a part of the show (even more than I was back in 2010). There were a lot of new faces.I polled each session I introduced, and in every session, 80% said this was their first BlogWorld & New Media Expo. It...

Canon VIXIA: R30, R20 side-by-side

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFor the last couple months, I had a Canon VIXIA R30 to use and review. I’ve gone through all the settings, recorded many videos, including some episodes of iPad365, and even used it in 2 camera shoots. This newer version to my VIXIA R20 added WiFi and MP4 support, which help me post video to Facebook and YouTube faster. Canon VIXIA R30 – The Good This version of the Canon VIXIA line has a 2.07 Megapixel sensor, giving you the ability to create 1080p video.The R30 has a .85 inch CMOS RGB color filter.In AVCHD mode, you can record up to 24 MBps in 30 or 60 fps, and with MP4 mode, you can record 4 MBps or 9 Mbps in 24 or 30 fps. Switching between MP4 and AVCHD modes is right through the interface. You can switch back and...

NuForce Cube

NuForce Cube is an All in One Mobile Audio Center

NuForce, a high end audio line, introduced a new sound headphone amp for your mobile devices. The NuForce Cube is a portable speaker and USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). You can connect up your smartphone, MP3 player or computer to improve your listening experience. The NuForce Cube runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Per each charge, you can get 8 hours of music, podcasts, listening to Youtube videos, or whatever you listen to. When you want to recharge, plug in the USB cable to the computer (USB plug accessory available). “I’ve never been satisfied with the sound of other portable speakers on the market,” said Jason Lim, CEO of NuForce.  “So we made it our mission to create one that not only sounded great, but looked great.  Plus, we equipped it with an audiophile-grade DAC and headphone amp.  After months of R&D and critical listening, we think Cube provides...

TPN Live CES Coverage: Line2, PaySaber, Dyyno

TPN Live CES Coverage: Line2, PaySaber, Dyyno

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAndy McCaskey and Don Baine continue Day 2 Hour 1 Coverage of TPN CES Live 2012. In this episode, we talk to: Siano-MS Line2 Dyyno PaySaber Leo Laporte stops by for an improptu interview Verizon & Healthcare

HomeGrid Forum: Innovations in Power over Ethernet (PoE), G.hn – CES 2012

HomeGrid Forum: Innovations in Power over Ethernet (PoE), G.hn – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS HomeGrid Forum is a group of members from around the globe. It was developed to support G.hn technology. This is a standard to use the existing wiring in the home. They work with AT&T, Best Buy, Marvell Semiconductor, and more. For instance, you can plug a box into your plug outlets, and turn that outlet into a 1 GB network for internet, home theater,and more. Of course, if you have an older home, your wiring may introduce signal loss. HomeGrid has accounted for that and allows for relaying – if there is a connection issue between two nodes in the house, they can use a 3rd node as a “relay” to get the data from basement to bedroom. HomeGrid Forum has been working hard to keep up with your digital life. Like mentioned before, 1GB Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks through...