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Storyblocks – Video, Audio, Graphics Footage for your Video, Podcast or Website

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you are looking to progress your website, your videos, or your podcasts, then adding high-quality stock footage can be the jolt you need. Stock items can help tell a story with content you either might not be able to get, or don’t have time to make on your own. It doesn’t diminish your vision – but instead may help others engage with your content. Storyblocks is split into 3 parts: Videoblocks – High quality video stock content. From 1080p and 4K content, to 360 VR, After Effects stock, background video, and more. Audioblocks – From background music, loops, sound effects, and other audio gems. Add stingers to enhance the mood of your show, podcast, and more Storyblocks (formerly Graphicstock) – High quality images, illustrations, and vectors that you can use to help tell your story. Perfect for inspirational Instagrams, creating...

HP Proliant Factory Express, PODWorks Assembly Line – HP Proliant Day 0

HP Proliant Factory Express, PODWorks Assembly Line – HP Proliant Day

John Ainsworth guides us through the Assembly line for HP servers. Building, configuring and boxing server blades, racks and in some cases – whole rooms. We look at how the Enterprise servers are built, the process from putting the machines in the racks to testing out. The packaging of these servers can be just as complicated. Finally, we went out to PODWorks, where we see the POD servers getting built. Thanks to all at HP who let us visit and see what it takes to build a Proliant Server. Thanks for Mighty Short Bus for background music

Special Guest Podcaster on TPN Weekly Ep. 14 0

Special Guest Podcaster on TPN Weekly Ep. 14

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSponsor: Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer visit www.gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts This week I take my Podcast talents over to the TPN Weekly Podcast for episode 14. I take the Podcast in a slightly different direction, as I talk a little bit about me and growing up in technology. I throw out some of the computers I used to work with, like the Commodore Vic20, Atari and Apple Macintosh, then my rise into an IT role. I also talk a bit about the future of technology and where we are going as New Media Specialists. It was a fun show to do simply because I went off the cuff and didn’t talk about present tech news. If anything, it was more of an audio blog. I also put some Podcast-safe background music into it. It was provided by Kalliopi, and...

How I Made It – Bitstrips 1

How I Made It – Bitstrips

The other day I decided to play with the Beta version of CamStudio. The new beta version seems to be more stable and very useful. I like it a lot. What I decided to do was record this week’s Bitstrips – a how to model. I created a simple face on the site. However, I used a method a lot of Bitstrippers are applying. It’s called the “Moon Method”, or what I like to call “Moonwalking”. Basically, you use the Moon Prop to create art. The best part about this program is that you sometimes have to find ways around the art to create what you want. A good example was last weeks’ Segway article. And of course, this weeks Moonwalking comic. It’s not much the picture as it is the accompanying video. The background music is by a band called “Sunspot“. It’s my favorite SS song –...