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Rain in Austin, PBS Kids, Innovative Cener – SXSW 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSDay 1 of SXSW Interactive started out with rain. Everyone piled into the convention center to dry off and attend the first sessions of the event. The Samsung Blogger lounge opened and I met Brian Solis who gave me a copy of #WTF. While going from session to session, I ran into Pete Cashmore of Mashable. We had a brief but great conversation. I got to stop by the Roku – PBS booth where I not only learned about the new Roku 3 but also the 2 new channels from PBS on Roku. You will now be able to watch local public programming or shows like Downton Abbey. I then went to a couple events including Toys for Techies where I enjoyed some cool innovations. Finally I stopped outside the convention center to see the maker-booths. From 3D printers to banana piano keyboards....


Post – HP Discover Comments from Bloggers

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSBloggers Justin Vashisht, Chris Wahl and John Obeto join Calvin Zito and myself on this episode of HP Tech Cast. The topic this week: What the bloggers saw at HP Discover. More important, is HP going in the right direction. There were many different things to see at HP Discover. From the expo floor, to the keynotes, and the Blogger lounge that HP puts together (this year with an Espresso machine). We talk about what HP has been doing in the last year, and how the Enterprise division has been really stepping forward to lead the way. The guys also talk about how they got to see some behind the scenes action for a bit. What it takes for this event to happen. A great conversation with some of the bloggers that write about the Enterprise...

HP TechCast 0

HP TechCast Ep 2: Roundtable at ProLiant Gen8 Tech Day [Podcast]

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSI was in Houston, TX for HP Gen8 Tech Day and got to sit down with a few of the bloggers and HP Enterprise Gen8 team to talk about the advantages of upgrading to a Gen8 system. We set up a panel, which included: Tim Golden – CTO of ISS americas Brandon Fears – Product Marketing manager Hyperscale Business Unit Steven Schultz – Smart Storage Peter Groth – ISS Server Product Marketing If you are a blogger that would like to be part of this event, email [email protected] or twitter @geekazine or @hpstorageguy

HP TechCast Ep 1: Tornadoes Above SNW [Podcast] 0

HP TechCast Ep 1: Tornadoes Above SNW [Podcast]

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSIn the inaugural podcast of HP TechCast, Calvin Zito talks with: Ray Lucchesi – Silverton Consulting Howard Marks – Deep storage test lab Calvin Zito – HP Storage Guy Rick Vanover – IT Pro Blogger at Rickatron They talk about the Storage Networking World (SNW) in Dallas, TX. The group discusses the changing storage area, how hard drives are not going away anytime soon, and more. All while tornadoes pass right above them! That’s dedication! HP TechCast is a podcast where Enterprise professionals meet with Bloggers to talk about trends in IT. The bloggers have a chance to get questions answered and learn a little more about the new technologies coming out. If you are a blogger that would like to be part of this event, email [email protected] or twitter @geekazine or @hpstorageguy


SXSW 2012 in Pictures Part 2

Continuing on with more pictures from SXSW. Check out SXSW 2012 in Pictures Part 1 for more. These pictures were taken at Guero’s Taco Bar (Chevy Alltop party), Lambert’s (Chaotic Moon Pirate Party),  then from the Samsung Blogger lounge at SXSW, and the SXSW Expo floor.  We were also at the Lustre Pearl bar, Kingdom, The Mashable Party and more! I also got some pictures with Harley Morenstein of Epic Mealtime, Daria Musk, John Pozadzides of Geekbeat.tv, Robert Scoble, and more.


Kidzvuz: Child Safe Social Media Site – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSRebecca Levey from KidzVuz joined the TPN CES Live show to talk about Kidzvuz. This is a safe environment for eight to ten year olds. Rebecca was a mommy blogger. As she reviewed, she thought – why am I reviewing the product? My kids should be doing that. However, young kids shouldn’t be on Facebook or YouTube like that. Therefore, she helped create KidzVuz. This is a completely moderated site where parents have control over what is sent across the network. Kids can then comment and make videos, just like adults do. KidzVuz also can teach parents about how they are sending their kids digital footprint across the internet. With KidzVuz, there is no identifyable information. They worked with Badgeville to put a competitive edge to the site. Kids that love to collect or build get excited about this site. LEGO and other building blocks. Bookworms...

HP TouchPad, Keyboard, Pre 3, Power Dock – #HPDiscover 2011 Blogger Lounge 1

HP TouchPad, Keyboard, Pre 3, Power Dock – #HPDiscover 2011 Blogger Lounge

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSUpdate 6-09-11 – HP Announced the TouchPad will be shipping on July 1st for $499 It was the underlying buzz of HP Discover. The tablet known as TouchPad – a WebOS tablet that could match the others. We got to see it… And touch it. Tim Pettitt, HP Project Manager for Palm, gave the Blogger Lounge some special treatment as he came over with the TouchPad, a Pre 3, the charge dock and a Bluetooth keyboard. Watching the demonstration was pretty impressive. First of all, Tim showed how you can use the dock stand to charge. There is no plug per say, so however you place the tablet on the stand, it charges. WIN A HP Proliant Microserver or HP Envy Laptop – Enter here – No email address required. Tim put the Pre 3 up to the tablet. It found the...

Blog for Geekazine – If Geekazine Gets Bought Out, You Could Get Paid. 2

Blog for Geekazine – If Geekazine Gets Bought Out, You Could Get Paid.

Of course, last week we read about AOL buying Huffington Post. The big fail news was all those volunteer bloggers didn’t get a dime for their help in building this website. It’s sad, but it’s also a fact of life. You blog for free, you get what comes to you. Well, we at Geekazine, Dorkazine and Sportazine want you to write for us. And we’re willing to pay you – if we get bought out. How Our Pay Model Works (If Geekazine gets bought out) As a Pro-bono writer, each article acts as a percentage to 25% of Geekazine. As an editor, each article edited acts as a percentage of an additional 10%. Finally, admins will get a split of an additional 5% (even split). A grand total of 40% of purchase price (minus production costs) could be paid out to loyal writers. It is all based on...

Top 10 People to meet @BlogWorld 0

Top 10 People to meet @BlogWorld

Well, BlogWorld is only a couple days away and it is poised to be one of the most informative shows for any blogger, podcaster or videopodcaster out there. The list of names reads like a United Nations summit of people in Social Media. The most interesting part of BlogWorld & New Media Expo is that you start to realize – We all don’t live in one spot anymore. While the West coast still has a great deal of Celebloggers, you will soon see that since you can create content from anywhere around the world, not all of those celebloggers and celebpodcasters reside there. Here is a list of 10 people you should meet and learn from this weekend. As any list goes, we could go on forever. Nonetheless, here are my picks: Adam Corolla Of course, Adam has been a powerful name in the space. The best part...

Contest over: Announcing HP Data Vault Giveaway: 7 Chances to Win a HP Data Vault X510 10

Contest over: Announcing HP Data Vault Giveaway: 7 Chances to Win a HP Data Vault X510

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThis contest is over. Thanks to all who participated. Over the last few  months, I’ve reviewed and talked about the HP X510 Data Vault. It is a stand alone server that you can use as a home or business backup, or a full multimedia server at home or on the web. Well now you can have your own, as we are announcing the HP Data Vault giveaway! You can win one of 7 HP X510 Data Vault machines! Each web site will run contests their own way. At the end of their week, they will give away the X510 StorageWorks Data Vault. Head over to the following sites to find out more information: (See Below for Geekazine’s contest rules) Site name Contest Launch date Winner Announcement date Neowin 11-Apr 18-Apr MediaBlab 18-Apr 25-Apr Hardwaresphere 25-Apr 2-May Slashgear 2-May 9-May Geekazine 9-May 16-May Absolutely Windows...

Geekazine Podcast Ep 103 – 09-09-09 Jam Packed Edition 0

Geekazine Podcast Ep 103 – 09-09-09 Jam Packed Edition

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSHappy 9-09-09 – Thank Goodness for the Apple Event, right? What a long, fun weekend I had. State of the Local Podcast group – Possible new podcast relationship – Didn’t get hit with WordPress Hackers, but had an interesting Facebook conversation with Andru Edwards – first month of Day in Tech History Librivox and Audiobooks Listening to: Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases – Grenville Kleiser Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToAssist.com/techpodcasts. GoDaddy for $7.49 domains use podname150 – 10% off hosting use pod150 Click here for Free Industry Resources! All Geekazine Podcast Show Notes are also on Delicious Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News) Google and the EU –Is Google Monopolistic? Intel Lynnfield Processor C64 for iPhone – GONE...

Ramblings – 6-21-09 – Las Vegas 1

Ramblings – 6-21-09 – Las Vegas

Day Off – Sort of A late Ramblings this week as I decided to stay offline last week. It was a long week and I was playing all weekend. It has been a while since I last took more than 24 hours off a computer, so that is a big feat for me. HP Tech Forum I had a fun time talking and working with Andy McCaskey and Kara Karsten with SDRNews. We had such a blast. We also put forward the mobile interview booth rig. We call it the “MacGyver” rig. Nonetheless, it was connected to uStream and we were able to conduct a few interviews for the event. Check out all the info on the Twitter log at #HPTF. Great to meet some new bloggers: Shane Pitman of Neowin, John Obeto of AbsoluteWindows. We had a great week along with Halley, Tom, Calvin and Rebecca from...

Weekly Podcast Ep 86 – 5-13-09 – Now on Stitcher 0

Weekly Podcast Ep 86 – 5-13-09 – Now on Stitcher

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThe Dell Recall Battery is in the mail. It will finish the Dell D600 laptop project. I won an Award! – FAWM Showcase – Moving in progress – Buying Totes. Looking for an Adobe Director programmer – We are now on Stitcher. Take the Geekazine Podcast Survey Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToAssist.com/techpodcasts. Put Your Financials into order – Edward Jones All Show Notes are also on Delicious hHotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News) D-Link CAPTCHA Zune Ad iPhone Specs Leaked Sling iPhone App Approved! Jesus App Denied Journalism Students Must Have iPhone – iPod New York Times Reader – $15 a month CNET needs Android Blogger Intel Anti-Compete Fine Viewsonic Eyeing 3G Phone Verizon Netbook this week...

Turn Your Blog Post Into A Podcast 0

Turn Your Blog Post Into A Podcast

Geekazine is looking to expand the Geekazine Quickcast – a Podcast produced multiple times a week including ‘The Week in Tech History’, ‘Get Certified’ and ‘1 Topic’. Each show is listened to by many every week. I am looking for individuals that Blog on technology and want to give their Blogs a new medium. By being part of the Geekazine Podcast, you will also introduce the Geekazine audience onto your site. Simply contact Geekazine of which Blog you would like to turn into an audio version and I will do the rest. I will review the blog and see if it will fit with the Quickcast. If you are interested, please drop a line. Official Press Releases: http://www.free-press-release.com/news/200902/1234811297.html

CES – Day 3 0

CES – Day 3

Wow, What a day. After 3 days of Grunting the floor, it really catches up to you. I feel good, but at the same time I am completely exhausted. I’m sitting at CNTR STG here which is a Blogger’s port put on by HP. Since the bandwidth at the Monte Carlo is horrible, we have to do our uploads here. I suppose it’s good because this is the place where I’ve met my fellow bloggers. I did something a little different with the Back Channel as I used the X-shot to put the camera about 3 feet in the air. The result wasn’t too bad. I’ll try to get the video up ASAP, but I am still 2 days behind on that.

Politics on YouTube with Dan Tynan – Quickcast 0

Politics on YouTube with Dan Tynan – Quickcast

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThis week we sit with Dan Tynan, a blogger for sites such as Computerworld and discuss how YouTube is affecting a candidate. We also delve into the mass amounts of user-made content is out there and how it can help or hurt a campaign. Finally, we talk a bit about Hulu, Saturday Night Live and the impact it has on parodying the election. Brought to you by CareerSaver.com – Download FREE CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco Exams.

Episode 38 – 6-18-08 0

Episode 38 – 6-18-08

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSFrom BlogTV.com – Gift card giveaway – Hulk – LIVE SHOW – Wisconsin Blogger/Podcaster – FAQ On this day: Phi Day, Michael Spindler CEO Apple (93), Terry Semel Steps down Yahoo (07) Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Buy an iMac – Apple.geekazine.com Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry

Join Wisconsin Bloggers and Podcasters 1

Join Wisconsin Bloggers and Podcasters

I have created a new group over on Facebook – Wisconsin Bloggers and Podcasters. This is a group for anyone that is a Blogger and/or Podcaster in the Wisconsin and surrounding area. Anyone can join, though. The idea is to get us all together and possibly start a monthly meeting. Also create a network where we can promote and help each other. Join Wisconsin Bloggers and Podcasters

It’s Time to Take Down your Ghost Town Website 1

It’s Time to Take Down your Ghost Town Website

Every day I go hunting for news. Sometimes I find some great sites. Others I find nothing. But what bothers me the most is those sites that have not updated in a VERY long time. We are talking 3, 4, 5 years or more. So if you are not working on it, why not take it down? I have to admit, there has not been much work done over on Dorkazine. Part of it is my fault, part of it is the monkeys that inhabit the site. I’m kidding – it’s all my fault (don’t blame the Monkeys). But I am working on a plan to bring content on a daily basis to Dorkazine. That will hopefully debut shortly.

Fakes on the Internet 1

Fakes on the Internet

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Fakes. Throughout time we’ve had to deal with those who want to pass something off as an original. Sometimes we are not fooled. Other times we go years thinking that it’s the real thing until some new technology tells us different. In the last week I’ve seen many fake photos of different items – most notably the Large GPS picture and Windows 7 screenshots. There is even a video out there that supposedly displays Windows 7 functionality. While impressive, it makes me wonder if someone is trying to pass these off to make a quick buck?

Webware 100 Winners – Who won, and what’s new. 0

Webware 100 Winners – Who won, and what’s new.

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSWeb Apps.  Can we live without them anymore? What did we ever do without them? Webware put out it’s top 100 and we’re going to go through them and see what was good, what was bad, and what was… well, you know.. Webware is a site dedicated to watching what is popping up out on the internet. Any application that a web developer puts out will be checked out and reported on by this organization. It’s a good thing, too. There are so many out there, it’s tough to keep up. On April 21st, Webware put out the list of the top 100 apps. There were ten categories, each with ten winners. There were 5000 nominees, and 300 apps were chosen as finalists. Over 1.9 million votes were cast to dwindle this list down to 100. According...