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First Weekend on Windows 7 0

First Weekend on Windows 7

Well on Friday I made the plunge and did the install. I took out the drive that held my XP partition, put in a clean drive and installed Windows 7 64-bit. The computer is an AM3 with 4 Gig of memory, so it was plenty powerful to handle the OS. The planning has been done for a couple months. All my important data is held on striped disks that could easily port over. The data was also backed up, so if Windows 7 corrupted, I could pull the important stuff back. The install on the fresh drive took only an hour. It didn’t ask me to pop in a previous version, so I was happy about that. The only problem I ran into was on first DVD boot, the computer froze. It kept happening until I reset the BIOS. After that, it had no issues. One of the...

Is AT&T Really to Blame for Spotty 3G Coverage? 0

Is AT&T Really to Blame for Spotty 3G Coverage?

I have been hearing this a lot – people start complaining because their 3G is shotty. Now in some cases, it’s true. I’ve been out in the middle of nowhere, and the signal is almost down to nothing. With the iPhone, I see E instead of G. Nonetheless, is this something that is AT&T’s fault, or yours? I am going to show you 3 pictures: This was taken from my iPhone using the ookla Speedtest iPhone application. The first test shows 52 kbps down and 128 up. The second shows 230 down and 443 up. Finally, the third is at 1.8 down and 228 up. These tests were done in the same location at a relavantly close time to each other. Now you might say the signal was spotty, therefore you will get this difference. But I ran these tests a few times and got the same results....

Castgrabber – Geekazine Video Review 0

Castgrabber – Geekazine Video Review

This week’s review is for the CastGrabber – an internet appliance that takes valid RSS feeds and uploads podcasts to your MP3 player. This video shows you a little about how the CastGrabber works. I also talk about the good and the bad – well, more of a wishlist to this Standalone Podcast downloader. One great feature of the CastGrabber is the fact you can connect most any type of MP3 player and get your podcasts. I connected an iPod, then a couple different generic MP3 players. Even my 64 Meg Creative MP3 player from 2002 worked like a champ! Price tag may be a bit much and I wished it had not only wireless, but some other items I talk about in the video. Nonetheless, it’s a great “Set it and forget it” type of item. Here is the video review for the Cast Grabber.