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Walking Down 6th Street in Austin for SXSW

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSo this small walk is not a full representation of what Austin is for SXSW, but it’s a small piece of it. 6th street is blocked off every year as bands play the many bars on this stretch of road. I take you on a 4 block journey to the historic Driskill hotel and give you a small taste of the festival during the early afternoon.

Want a Viral Video? Get it Banned! 0

Want a Viral Video? Get it Banned!

In retrospect, Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” remake video with Elmo from Sessame Street that got banned was really not that questionable. I mean, we’ve pretty much allowed shorter skirts since the 1960’s. The song was reworded as a friendship, as opposed to sex. Yet this video – which really wasn’t that great and most likely forgettable in one week – became viral in only a couple days. Why? Because someone felt it was too racy and pulled it. So because of that, everybody has to see what is so bad about this video. It also became fodder for comedians and skit shows. Those like Saturday Night Live. Katy participated in a skit called “Bronx Beat”: one of those segments that I normally ignore because they always seem to be over the top and have little thought in them. But Katy comes out as Maureen Dichico, a teen who “Blossomed”...

Will Clearwire’s A-la Carte pre-pay 4G Service Bring Customers? 1

Will Clearwire’s A-la Carte pre-pay 4G Service Bring Customers?

When I was in Vegas in June, I had the opportunity to use a Clear 4G card for the week. It was nice – $50 for the week and I didn’t have to suffer from hotel speeds – especially since the hotel charged $14.95 a day to connect ( Which would have cost $90). Today, Clearwire announced a new pricing plan, which would come to $5 a day – $50 a month. The service is called Rover – It’s the first “Pay as you go” 4G plan. You can connect with one device, like a laptop, or for $149.99, you can get the rover puck – their hotspot alternative. You can then connect up to 8 devices and would be perfect for connection to iPhones or iPads when there is spotty 3G and WiFi service. If you want to buy the USB dongle, that will cost $99.99. “Simple,...