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Geekazine at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 0

Geekazine at BlogWorld & New Media Expo

As some of you know, I have been heading the Digital Broadcast track at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. With help from Todd Cochrane, Jim Lauderback, Don McCallister, Cali Lewis, Rob Walch, Paul Colligan, Daisey Whitney and Dave Hamilton, we put together an awesome Digital Broadcast track. I will be there on Friday and Saturday to meet and greet, then introduce some of the sessions. I will also be teaming up with Mignon Fogerty (Grammar Girl) to talk about Evergreen vs. Expirable content. It will be a great hour of discussing what type of content you can talk about. I will then take the sessions outside the classroom as we do a ‘Expo Video Walkthrough”. On Saturday at 12:15, we will be starting at the Kodak booth, where Kodak will be showing off the new Playsport camera. They will loan a few cameras out and give you an...

Announcement: Blogworld Expo – Digital Broadcast Committe 0

Announcement: Blogworld Expo – Digital Broadcast Committe

A couple days ago, I accepted the role as “Track Leader” to Blogworld Expo’s Digital Broadcast Committee. The role is to meet with the committee and plan the tracks for Blogworld New Media Expo. The best part is I will be in some pretty good company. Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central, Jim Lauderback and Cali Lewis from Revision 3 and Geekbeat.tv,  Dave Hamilton from Dave the Nerd, Daisy Whitney from New Media Minute, Rob Walsch with more on the way. Of course, we will be trying to get content that you really want to see and hear. But if we don’t see or hear from you, we can only put on content we would like to see and hear. Therefore, I would like to hear from you. Let us know what you think. If you attend a 1 hour discussion, what would it be on; within the...