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Geek Profile: Mike Cioffi – Geektoberfest 0

Geek Profile: Mike Cioffi – Geektoberfest

In the last month I became aware of this geek. You may not know Mike, but he is the Producer to the Adam Carolla Podcast and the Digital Media producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not to mention a Podcaster himself. Below is Mike’s answer sheet: Name:Mike Cioffi Show:Low Budget FM, Megaboom!!, The Adam Carolla Show, Fitzdog Radio What type of Geek do you call yourself:Definitely a science and math geek. Love Slashdot, love physics, love the Science channel. I think xkcd is the funniest thing around. Also a comedy geek (in that I enjoy the comedy culture, not saying I’m a funny geek, that wouldn’t be for me to decide). Also a beer geek (I like to say beer geek, but others have described it as beer snob) What is the geekiest toy you own: Yo-yo. Love the yo-yos I have. That or the Sonic Screwdriver I have....

GWP #129: Now the Googleazine Weekly Podcast: Bring Madison Fiber 1

GWP #129: Now the Googleazine Weekly Podcast: Bring Madison Fiber

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWelcome to Googlazine! Bring Fiber to Madison, WI Heading to California to cover an event – Videos will be made. SXSW might be out of the question, unless I get a Sugar Mama. I also had a small run-in with a person at a Bar who didn’t think too much of my profession. Winner of this weeks’ Diskeeper 2010: cgcreality Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – GoToAssist.com/techpodcasts. Day Pass $9.95 $69/Month – $660/Year Mozy Unlimited Backup – $4.95/Month!Use code “Geek” for 10% off! $50 a Year for Off-site Backup. All Geekazine Podcast Show Notes are also on Delicious To add cool items next week link on Delicious – geekazine podcast 130 Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News) Betty White to Host...