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Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas 0

Happy Anniverthday to Bitstrips and Thomas

It was a Double Whammy this week. Earlier, one of my favorite play websites – Bitstrips – celebrated a 1 year anniversary. At the same time, Thomas – author over at Dorkazine – celebrated a birthday. It was a lot more than a year and we won’t say how old he is, only that he achieved the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (If you ever read Hitchhiker, you’ll know).

I LUV U in the Snow 0

I LUV U in the Snow

At first I was going to post this on Dorkazine – since it was kinda Dorky. However, I noticed that someone took the time to turn a couple tire marks in the snow to this picture. So enjoy this picture up on Geekazine. It might just be the last snowfall of the season (hopefully).

Geekazine 1 year Anniversary 0

Geekazine 1 year Anniversary

Well, it was 366 days ago that the first posts for Geekazine surfaced (Leap Year, ya know). It’s been a little longer for the podcasts. Nonetheless, this site went live on November 7th 2007. Since then we’ve had over 175 podcasts and video casts, over 400 posts, a few posts and some people got some great swag. We’ve talked with some great names in the last year – from Bryce Whittey from Technibble, Josh Chandler, to Jeri Ellsworth. I would first like to thank everyone for a great first year. I would like to thank the sponsors: Gotomeeting.com, Careersaver.com are the two main ones. I would also like to thank all who have sent donations to the site. Thanks to Norbert Davis from TCTPodcast.com for all the Cool Tech Corner episodes. Thanks to the cast at Techpodcasts, Blubrry and Raw Voice for making a great community. Thank you...

It’s Time to Take Down your Ghost Town Website 1

It’s Time to Take Down your Ghost Town Website

Every day I go hunting for news. Sometimes I find some great sites. Others I find nothing. But what bothers me the most is those sites that have not updated in a VERY long time. We are talking 3, 4, 5 years or more. So if you are not working on it, why not take it down? I have to admit, there has not been much work done over on Dorkazine. Part of it is my fault, part of it is the monkeys that inhabit the site. I’m kidding – it’s all my fault (don’t blame the Monkeys). But I am working on a plan to bring content on a daily basis to Dorkazine. That will hopefully debut shortly.

unofficial announcement – Dorkazine 0

unofficial announcement – Dorkazine

My brother mocked my website. I shalt mock him back with his own website. Take that, brother o’ mine!