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Installing Windows 7 on Ubuntu 9.04 – TVazine 4

Installing Windows 7 on Ubuntu 9.04 – TVazine

VPC and VMWare are two great programs that allow me to do a lot. Windows, Linux and in some cases, Mac (although there are still legal issues with that). VPC is great because then you can have your computer loaded up with more than one Operating system and be able to get work done. I have installed Ubuntu on my Windows machines, but when I heard that Windows 7 will have a VPC-XP feature; I thought to myself – “Can XP be run in a Virtual environment within Ubuntu?” Then I thought even more – “Can Windows 7 run in an Ubuntu environment?” My question got answered quickly – Even better is that it was a program that worked similar to VPC. VirtualBox OSE is a Virtual PC program that works in the x86 environment. It is a program developed by Sun and can be installed in Windows,...

Week in Tech History – 12-01-08 – QuickTime Launches 0

Week in Tech History – 12-01-08 – QuickTime Launches

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by Gotomeeting. Go to Gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts for an Unlimited free trial. It was Dec. 2nd 1991 and Apple had thoughts of pushing video content on machines as they launched the Quicktime Application. Since then it’s gone through regular updates, including Quicktime 4, where it was introduced into the Windows environment. The newest version of Quicktime X (or Quicktime ten) will be coming out first quarter of 2009. Other events that happened this week – the applications for ability to bid on the 700 mHz spectrum ended. AMD was told they could not use Intel’s 486 microcode in their systems. Apple enhanced their line of G4’s with ATI Rage 128 video cards. Finally, AT&T announced they will begin to pull payphones until the end of 2008, where they will completely be out of the Pay phone market.

This is Not Your Grandpa’s Computer – Geekazine Quickcast 0

This is Not Your Grandpa’s Computer – Geekazine Quickcast

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOnline Meetings Made Easy. Try Gotomeeting FREE for 30 days! www.gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts Remember Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live in the 80’s? During the “Weekend Update” he dressed up to look like an old man and sit there telling the Kids: “Back in my day…” He would always end the line with being bloody and beat up and “WEEEE LOVED IT!”. This week I was asked the question: Will the student now using a Mac be able to adapt to a PC environment in the workforce? I said Yes and went on with my college story: I used a MAC until 1995. After that, it was a PC until 2005 when I learned Mac environments for work. But even the Windows or Mac of 1998 is not the same of 2008. It really begs the question: What will the machines of 2018 look...

BYOC – Personal Computer As a Corporate Machine? 0

BYOC – Personal Computer As a Corporate Machine?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs a consultant, I use my own equipment all the time. When I get to a specific client, sometimes I am asked to sign a waiver that states I will not take company data. I sign it because I am not going to ruin any relationship by walking out with secrets or customer lists. Data nowadays can be controlled. We at the Quickcast have talked about how that can happen many a time. However, the most important thing in a work environment is to make sure the data stays within the company – even after a person has left. Citrix Systems has given  Employees a bonus payment to buy their own laptop for corporate use. While it does give advantage, could the company lose control of the data? Brought to you by CareerSaver – Download Free Certification Tests.