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New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAl Mooney sat down with me at NAB 2017 to let me know all the cool new features that Premiere Pro contains. Lots of cool beta programs that you can start to use right away. Just like the Character Animator, which programs such as the Late Show with Stephen Colbert started using right away. This is part of an “Instant on” option: when something gets announced, you can start using it by updating the program. This is true for all Adobe Creative Cloud programs. As for Premiere Pro, it’s more than just editing. Color, audio, and motion graphics have been the main focus. For color, Adobe added a lumetri color panel. Audio also has a panel that gives you a essential sound panel – a visual screen to help clean up sound points. An auto-match loudness will normalize all sound clips. Easier for...

Luxli Viola is an RGBW LED Light with iOS App

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSLuxli set up a backpack at NAB to show off Viola – a portable LED light that can change color and temperature. RGB + 3,400-10,000 white light. The Viola is Bluetooth connected, so you can put the light up into the rafters, then adjust at needed. Link lights together to go from a soft light to a Discotheque. The 5 inch Viola can be attached on a light and use a standard Panasonic battery. You can also add a diffuser for a softbox need. The Luxli can be used for remote video, in-studio lighting, or even if the electricity goes out in a storm.

Duplicator 4K Makes 25 SD Card Copies at Once

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSImagine being at a conference or wedding with camera crews capturing the event. As you get ready to leave the event, you are given an SD card with the festivities inside for you to consume again and again. That is what the Blackmagic Design Duplicator 4K does. While at NAB I talked with Kendall with Blackmagic Designs on the Duplicator 4K. You can copy up to 25 cards per rack mount at a time. You can also daisy-chain the units together to record more for larger events. Each unit can take a SD card and fill it with the event you recorded in multiple formats up to Ultra HD at 2160p 60fps. Each video is encoded in H.265 for smaller file sizes but also 4K resolution. Weddings, sporting events, live concerts, conferences and more can benefit from the Duplicator 4K. It can also...


Freefly Tero RC Car, Movi M5, Drone, Motorcycle Mounts – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAs a geek I am intrigued on robotic camera options that can get a stable shot from anywhere. When I stopped by the Freefly booth, I saw the Tero remote controlled camera operator. I also geeked out on the Movi M5 – a camera stabilization unit. I got to talk with Sam Baird from Freefly about not only the Tero and Movi M5 but also their other drones they use to get the impossible shots. Sam talks about Freefly’s work with Game of Thrones, Oliver Stone, and many other directors to get new and completely stable video shot. These are higher priced items for movie making. for instance: the Movi M5 starts at $5,000 (fully equipped packages run up to $16,000). You can check out the prices at Freeflysystems.com Still a geek can dream…