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Rotolight RL48 – 140 Degrees of Light with Filters – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSince I create “Gun and Run” interviews, I have no time to figure out if the lighting is perfect. Sometimes it comes back to bite me – all for the 3 minute video at trade shows. I stopped by Rotolight to find out about not only their portable solutions but also their production studio lighting. I walked away with a new found knowledge and what the RL48 Rotolight can do for me. I found out that most lights with a dimmer have to include an anti-flicker option. If the circuitry is bad then you could get a bad result in video. The extra circuitry can also take up more battery life to dim your light. Rotolight is a simple light that takes only 3 batteries and has one switch – on and off. Inside the Rotolight is a series of filters...

Google – what happened to less spam?

Google – what happened to less spam?

I read an interesting article today on Tech Republic. Poster Tim Malone noticed that at his company in a 30 day period, out of the 12 million emails received, 96% was marked as Spam. Not unusual, but it counters an earlier article back in December where Google mentioned how Spammers are giving up. So does this mean that is wrong, or are Spammers just becoming seasonal and getting the bulk mailing out of the way? At the beginning of the year, Barracuda Networks claimed that 95% of all email in 2007 was Spam. Except in this case, Tims’ company was 1% over the average. And of course, we are only in the first month of 2008 so this may average out better by June or July. Still, can we really expect Spam to dissipate in the future?

10-17-07 #3

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Show #3 Notes – 10/17/07 [email protected]: Length: 55:47 Microsoft Patenting the iPhone? Microsoft Phone Software iPhone Unlock 1.1.1 Zune for $100 Leopard Release October 26th YouTube Antipiracy Tool Oracle Buyout? Facebook – 13 Reasons Your Account Will Get Disabled HD-DVD outsells Blu-Ray – 4 – to – 1 Panasonic says Blu-Ray will be Victorious by New Years Porno Filters broken Access Hard Drive while Computer is turned off Internet Pioneer Sacked? Zeppelin Albums Go Online 10 Dumb Million Dollar Ideas Trying to catch filesharers more costly than worth? Microsoft Updating your files at will? Internet II – Electric Boogaloo HowStuffworks Acquired By Discovery for $250M -HowStuffWorks.com AOL Cuts 2000 Jobs Anti-snoring Pillow? Tiny Linux PC 10 year Watch WINAMP Update Alert: Ubuntu ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ on Thursday Oracle will push out 51 Patches KDE 3.5.8 VersionTracker Links To Note: Halloween Gadgets Computers are...