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Colin Furze Rides a Bike Armed With 1,000 Exploding Rockets

If you have been following Colin Furze, then you’ve seen him pull off all kinds of crazy stunts. How this guy isn’t permanently in the hospital or in a grave, I have no idea. If you have not been following this mad man, all you need to know is that he is fearless and possibly insane. In the video below, he rides a custom-built bike that is packed with 1,000 rockets. He’s not even wearing a helmet, though he does have a fireproof slab of foam strapped to his back. Fire and explosives are nothing new to him, but this stunt is not one where he can stand at a safe distance away. He may be riding a bike, but this is just like having all of those fireworks strapped to his back. And it is a crazy amount of fireworks, because why go small? Watching him peddle...


Could Holographic Fireworks Replace Real Fireworks?

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt’s 4th of July, and in the US that means fireworks – and lots of them. In Madison, we celebrate with “Rhythm and Booms”, which is one of the largest shows in the Midwest. However, there are always issues surrounding the event – mainly the cost of a fireworks show. A 45 minute show can cost upwards to 50,000 or more. If you want specialty fireworks, well that’s going to cost a little more. Add to this the environmental impact of Fireworks. A white firework consists of 75 percent potassium nitrate, 15 percent charcoal and 10 percent sulfur – according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. But we want red, blue, green, yellow, and other colors to make it look pretty. According to IOPScience – to get those colors, we need to add Radium into the mix. Although the amount of...

Fireworks Through iPhone – 1 Photo at a Time 0

Fireworks Through iPhone – 1 Photo at a Time

Over the weekend the band played a local festival in central WI. At 10PM, they had a fireworks show. I did like anyone else – pulled out my iPhone and tried to take a photo. However, with the new shutter speed of the OS4, I realized I could take a few pictures in a couple seconds. So I kept hitting the shutter button. The end result was 374 pictures recreating the fireworks. It worked so well, there are points where you can see the firework climb in the sky and explode. It was an amazing display. Music by Pimps of Joytime – Bonita.

Blogworld New Media Expo 2009 Day 1 0

Blogworld New Media Expo 2009 Day 1

The day was long, but well worth it. I got on a plane about 5:10 this morning. The flight would take me to Chicago, where I would have to wait until 8:11 to continue on. However, problems kept us in Chicago a little longer. The plane had some technical glitch that could be fixed by unplugging (something), then taking one from another plane. They kept saying it would only take a couple minutes. …Two hours later… We finally got underway after 10 AM. With a 2 hour time shift, that brought the plane in at about 11:45 AM. Got to the hotel, however, my credit card was not functioning. Apparently the card now wants me to call them and let them know I will be traveling. Not sure why I need a babysitter, but it was a minor setback. Took a walk around the hotel. Extremely close to...

Ramblings – 7-4-09 – Independance Day 0

Ramblings – 7-4-09 – Independance Day

Were gonna be short on Ramblings since it’s another fun filled weekend. Happy Independence Day I am writing this on July 4th, so I shall say it. If you are not in the US, shoot off some fireworks anyway. It’s fun – unless you are in a country that doesn’t make it fun, then just read on. We spent the majority of last night blowing stuff up. I can say that I enjoyed the night a lot. Being with friends and just relaxing to the warm sound of BANG! POP! BOOM! Tonight, we play in the Dells, and although that’s fun too, it’s a different group. Summer of Podcasts Contest is Underway Wednesday marked the start of the Summer of Podcasts contest. PC Mac Smackdown, Simon Sez IT and Bageltech News are the first show to listen to. Collect the codeword, then go to Podcastmadness.com and enter it...

POD Datacenter – HP Technology Forum 2009 0

POD Datacenter – HP Technology Forum 2009

During the week, we learned about how HP has worked on putting a Data Center in a place you would not normally expect. A Shipping POD. Shipping containers have been used for years to send items overseas. Cars, boats, heavy equipment, or if you’re packing your house, put it in a POD and move it. More recent PODs have been promoted as the next generation in moving. Instead of a moving truck, you load up the POD and call the the company to pick up and drop at the desired location. Even this year, I have seen local Fireworks tents have a POD next to them to lock up all the fireworks. Yet HP has a different use for them in Datacenters. If your server room runs out of space, or maybe you are building or reconstructing. You could even use this HP POD in an emergency situation....

Happy July 4th – Bitstrips Friday 0

Happy July 4th – Bitstrips Friday

In the US we are going to celebrate Independance by drinking, eating and watching fireworks. Pretty cool, eh? I myself will be playing at Shipwreck Bay on Lake Castlerock. Come say hi if you like. Here’s a special Bitstrips for ya!

Fireworks. Old Idea Meets Todays Technology 2

Fireworks. Old Idea Meets Todays Technology

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFireworks. They are a staple in American culture. This form of entertainment has been around for centuries, however in the last 15 years it has become more vibrant because of technical advances. Synchronized to music they are a form of entertainment that can appease the masses. Today we look at something that is part of our history and is still a part of culture today.