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Podracer Podcatcher for Linux 0

Podracer Podcatcher for Linux

The two heavy-weights of podcatchers in the Linux world are GPodder (a graphical program) and bashpodder (a command line program with an optional GUI front-end). Almost as long as I have been listening to podcasts, I’ve been using Podracer as my podcatcher, but I have never heard of anyone else who uses it. I find it ideal. Podracer is a small (14kb) script. In the true Unix spirit, it does one thing and does it very well: It downloads podcasts. It does not transcode media, it does not sync with devices, it just downloads. Podracer is available at Sourceforge, but there is a good chance it is in your distribution’s respositories. Here’s the listing for it in Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager: It installs to the /usr/bin directory. To run it the first time, change to that directory, then issue a command from the command line: cd /usr/bin ./podracer...

WWDC – New iPhone with iOS4, A4 Processor, Gyroscope 0

WWDC – New iPhone with iOS4, A4 Processor, Gyroscope

Well, you might have heard about it in a bar in your area. Heck, you might have seen it in a bar in your area. But the iPhone 4 is now out. Let’s take a quick peek: iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick, with two built-in cameras and two mics. Apple has added a noise cancellation button. The resolution is at 326 pixels, making the resolution 4x better than the 3GS. 16 and 32 GB models. $199 / $299 with contract.  3GS will become $99, but the picture said that would be a 8 GB model. Did the 3GS have an 8 GB model? HSUPA with HSDPA High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) at 5.8 Mbps will be added along with the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) at 7.2 Mbps. iOS4 The Operating system is getting a rename – iOS4. Of course that will now...