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New Site: Sportazine 0

New Site: Sportazine

We are happy to announce another new site in the Geekazine library – Sportazine: for the Sports Nuts in All of us. This is a site dedicated to any sport. Don’t your sport on the list? Let me know and I’ll put it up there. Want to be a contributor? Let me know and I’ll get you on the list. Douglas will be taking care of most of the posts over at Sportazine. Welcome Doug on the team!

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand? 1

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand?

It’s been a year and a few months since the first iPhone was sold. Since the release of the 3G model, I’ve been seeing people with iPhones I would have never expected have one. The iPhone has brought up a new way to use the internet, the phone and a computer. Apple is under a lot of scrutiny: AT&T being the sole carrier, the Apps store program take downs and the 3G services being poor. Yet the iPhone still is the 2nd best selling phone behind the Motorola RAZR. Apple itself is set to continue through these tough times. There has been a lot of good and bad said about the iPhone. I have seen a lot of Forum posts, even more twitters and more. I decided to go ahead and ask a small group of people over at Help A Reporter what their thoughts were. I asked...

Ep. #50 – 9-10-08 – Lots of news and info on forums 1

Ep. #50 – 9-10-08 – Lots of news and info on forums

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