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Dragoon with New Expansion Packs on Kickstarter

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSDragoon by Lay Waste Games was at SXSW Gaming with their board game, as well as letting people know about the expansion packs now available on Kickstarter. Dragoon is an action strategy board game in which you are a dragon living peacefully until humans decide to show up. You don’t like the humans, but do like the gold they bring. Within the game, you much claim villages and cities. You can choose to let them pay you tribute for gold, or simply take and destroy. Challenge others to dragon-to-dragon combat or just sneak in their caves and steal their gold. This 2-4 player board game is for all gaming levels. Check out the Dragoon Kickstarter with Rogue and Barbarian expansion packs.  

The 1 Billionth iPhone

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSChecking out the Arlo Smart Security Camera System Also reviewing the Scottevest Featherweight Morning Geeks! Episode 14 show notes: Stardate -306425.37 – CONTEST – Enter to Win an Exploding Kittens Card Game!  – Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton, Martina McBride, Geddy Lee – Sega Portable Genesis – This person built his own mini- Nintendo – Replacing all your photos with Steve Buscemi – Blizzard’s New Warcraft Statue – Oregon Trail: American Settler Card Game – The Fairy Penguin New to This Week 7-29-2016 – Virus – Jason Bourne – The Huntsmen Winter’s War – Lo and Behold: Reveries of a Connected World – Jerry Doyle Passes Away – Miss Cleo Passes – Go on, Name Your Kid Pokémon – Apple Inc. Celebrates 1 Billion iPhones – Verizon buys Yahoo. Is the Madness finally over?


Game Sale Alert: GOG.com’s 2014 Summer Sale

Hot on the heels of E3, GOG.com have started their own summer sale across their library of PC games both old and recent. Best of all, these games are DRM-free, meaning that you can put them on as many computers as you want. To give you an idea, the majority of their catalogue has been discounted by at least 50% and some games have been discounted by as much as 90%. Long story short, there are some great deals to be had right now. There will be some flash deals which will come and go pretty quickly, so if you see a game you like at a good price, then jump on it. Personally, I am going to make sure that I buy Unreal Tournament (Game of The Year Edition). I am really into first-person shooters at the moment.  Since the new unreal tournament is being developed, I...


Nintendo’s E3 2014 List of Announced Games

Rather than doing an E3 press conference in a big hall or cinema, Nintendo opted to do an edited video that they would stream live called “Play Nintendo – Nintendo E3 Digital Event . During this announcement they announced a whole slew of various games. Without further ado, here is an extensive list of the titles that they announced. Super Smash Bros. (coming to Wii U and 3DS in November 2014) Amiibo The Legend of Zelda (coming to Wii U in 2015) Yoshi’s Woolly World (coming to Wii U in 2015) Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (coming to Wii U in the holiday season of 2014) The Legend of Zelda (coming to Wii U in 2015) Bayonetta 2 (coming to Wii U in October 2014) Hyrule Warriors (coming to Wii U 26th September 26th 2014) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (coming to Wii U in 2015) Xenoblade Chronicles (coming...


Epic Games Releases The First Gameplay Footage For The New Unreal Tournament

The folks at Epic Games have been hard at work and now, they have finally put together a YouTube video. In it, they show off the very first deathmatch in the new version of Unreal Tournament. As you can see it is a very early version of the game. However, it’s enough to give you a glimpse of all the basic mechanics. At the time of publishing, I have just watched it and impressed with how good this looks already.  In the video, we got an early glimpse of the Weapon system in the new game, we also got a look at how moving around works.  Additionally, we saw a very early test map being used with a bunch of greyscale cubes and a greyscale map. Again, this was a really early version of the game that we are looking at here. However, if this is anything to...


Gaijin Confirms the Release Date for War Thunder on PlayStation 4

The folks at Gaijin Entertainment have confirmed that the PlayStation4 version of War Thunder is going to be available for download on 3rd June 2014 in the USA. Those of you in Europe can get it now. Just like the PC version, the PlayStation 4 version will also be a free-to-play game. On top of that, those of you on the PS4 will also be able to pick up the Ground Forces expansion. This is an expansion pack which adds tanks into the game. In a future addition to the PS4 and PC versions, War Thunder will have cross platform compatibility so that those on PS4 can play online with those on the PC. I have not played War Thunder before. However I have definitely seen enough game play footage and enough screenshots to say that this is a game that looks really exciting. I have always been...


Free Game Alert: Battlefield 3 Goes Free on PC

Some of you might already know about EA’s “On The House” promotion. This allows you to download full version PC games for free. Now we’re not talking about any rubbish ones, we are talking about some good ones. Previously, they’ve made Dead Space free and they currently have Plants vs Zombies available for free until 16th June 2014(at the time of publishing).  However, the folks at Origin have made Battlefield 3: Standard Edition free. Again, it’s the full version of Battlefield 3 for PC. Battlefield 3 will be On The House until 6th June 2014, so I would highly recommend downloading it for free as soon as you can. I am so excited that they’ve made this game free. I only played the original Battlefield back when it was released. But now I am so glad that this Battlefield 3 is available for free. I am always looking...


Aurasma: Augmented Reality Through Mobile Devices – NAB 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAndy McCaskey talked with Lauren Offers from Aurasma at NAB 2013 about the newest mobile Augmented reality platform. Adding a visual search, you can point your phone at an item and get video, audio and more. You can even create your own Auras to bridge the physical world with the digital. For example, you could point your mobile device as Carrie Underwood and you could easily download and purchase video and music. Same thing with Spiderman – pointing to the picture pulls up a game you can even play offline. Get Aurasma on iOS – Get Aurasma on Android Also check out my episode of iPad365 on Aurasma

YappEm Gold Coin 0

YappEm at MashBash SXSW 2013 Giving Away $150,000

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThey gave away $150,000 at MashBash and another $250,000 after the event. YappEm is a app that lets you earn coins that turn into gift cards. You can get cards from any of the major brands. To find out more go to Yappem.com I also walk around MashBash – Mashable’s yearly SXSW event. This year it was at Speakeasy. 3 levels of bands, DJ’s and other events. A fun time talking to people and enjoying the evening.


LG NFC: Connect Smartphones to TVs and Vise-Versa – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Todd talks with LG about how NFC is being used to send smartphone signals to TVs. With this technology you can pair your TV with mobile device for an eaiser connection. NFC eliminates wires needed so you can be across the room with your phone controlling the video, audio or game. Best part of LG NFC technology is it’s reversible – Watch video from TV on the smartphone. (LG ) Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. [cessponsor]

Vivitek Projectors: Qumi Q5 Projectors with 500 Lumens – CES 2012 0

Vivitek Projectors: Qumi Q5 Projectors with 500 Lumens – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSJon talked with Christopher Yang from Vivitek. They have the Qumi projectors on display. The next generation is the Q5. This is a projector with up to 500 lumens, HD resolution and projection up to a 90 inch screen. This Qumi projector line has twice the amount of brightness as the original, projects at 720p, and is a full entertainment projector. Plug in a game console or mobile device, the Qumi can help share information. It is 3D ready, and can produce 30,000 hours of burn time. Get Vivitek Qumi at Amazon – Check out rankings on AboutProjectors With LED technology inside, it has brighter color. Therefore, watching a video will look better than before. The Vivitek Qumi projectors can be used in-home or by a business professionals for presentations. You can get a demonstration in the video, posted below, as well as...

Dragon Age 2 Review (Xbox 360) – GameBreak 1

Dragon Age 2 Review (Xbox 360) – GameBreak

Stepping off the heels of Dragon Age Origins would be a big challenge for anyone. I’m sure I’m not the only one that waited eagerly to see if Bioware could do what we all know they are capable of. So did it live  up to the hype? Am I eagerly waiting for any DLC that will come next? Or did this turn me off enough that I almost didn’t finish? Right away I noticed was how streamlined everything had become. Instead of having a list of races to choose from, you pick a male or female human with the last name Hawke. A friend of mine complained, saying this took away from a lot of the choices the game gave you. In replacement though, the main character now has voiced dialog. So I was alright with the trade. Dragon Age 2 picks up right after the attack on...

Actiontec Introduces Wireless HDMI 0

Actiontec Introduces Wireless HDMI

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnother set of wire standards, another set of wires to be run in the house. Or do you? Actiontec was at CES showing off a new way to send your HDMI 1 signals to your LED TV. Best part is it’s done wirelessly. The company makes a series of routers and Ethernet over Power line technology. Now they have My Wireless TV – a device that can transmit HDMI signal – Even a 3D image – through the air. The transmitters – receivers run on a standard 802.11 wireless signal. They are fully compliant with 1080 / 60 fps televisions. You can have the devices up to 150 feet apart from each other, which means the Blu-Ray can be on the other side of the room and still get a good connection. The product boasts no latency. Therefore you should be able...

Mattel MindFlex Dual Controls the Ball with your Mind 0

Mattel MindFlex Dual Controls the Ball with your Mind

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAndy tries to move a ball. Not with his fingers, toes or any other part of his body than his mind. Mattel MindFlex Dual is a new version of the product they debuted two years ago. Using brainwaves, a headset transmits the brainwaves to direct the ball. A mind meter also tells you how much activity is going through. There are 5 different games in the program, including a team program. You would control the ball together to get a desired result. The game will be availabel in August for $99.99. Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net TPN CES 2011 Live Coverage Sponsors: Thanks to Audible for sponsoring GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on Hosting at GoDaddy. Thanks to Luxor for sponsoring

Interaxon Thought Control Computing 0

Interaxon Thought Control Computing

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAriel Garten joins Todd and Esby at the TPN Live CES coverage. Interaxon does thought control computing – using your mind to compute. Using a sensor system that reads your brainwaves, your beta waves and your alpha waves are monitored to do this. There are simple commands right now, but this could bring on other applications. If you are driving and falling asleep, this sensor could let you know if you are falling asleep. This might even warn epileptics if they are about to have a seizure. For gaming they can read waves and you can control items. They even have a game that trains you. Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast Thanks to Audible for sponsoring GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on Hosting at GoDaddy. Thanks to Luxor for sponsoring

CTADigital PS3 Assult Rifle 0

CTADigital PS3 Assult Rifle

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSSometimes you need a peripheral to help with technology. Especially when it’s a game. The PS3 Assult rifle from CTADigital allows you to play games like Call of Duty with the feel of a real rifle in you hand. CTADigital makes multiple peripherals for XBox, PS3, DS and Wii. We had them on the Live show to talk about the rifle. Snap in the PS3 controller and you use it to play your favorite games. Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast Thanks to Audible for sponsoring GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on Hosting at GoDaddy. Thanks to Luxor for sponsoring

Why I Choose Roku, Boxee (Application) Over Apple TV, Google TV 0

Why I Choose Roku, Boxee (Application) Over Apple TV, Google TV

330 days from now, TV as we know it will have changed. I’ve been saying that for a long time, but on Sept. 1st 2010, I decided to put it on the countdown. Why? Because Apple and Google came out with their set top boxes (Apple, finally taking it seriously). When companies like Apple and Google get into this game, you know the wind is about to change. The Comparison GigaOM has a nice write-up comparing the applications on the boxes. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want the iTunes store, you will have Apple TV and that is it. Expect this playing field to grow. The easiest box to program for is Boxee. If you know XML, you can get a channel on for nothing. The 0ther boxes might have you pay a fee for their SDK kits. There are also...

BookSwim.com: Online Book Rental Through Mail, Interview: Eric Ginsberg – Quickcast 1

BookSwim.com: Online Book Rental Through Mail, Interview: Eric Ginsberg – Quickcast

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSYou might be a Transumer. You might have Netflix or Blockbuster for your online movie rental. You might even have Gamefly for your Game rental. But how about your online Book rental? Well that is the business model of BookSwim – an online Book rental system. Simply choose your plan, choose from the large library they have and get the books in the mail. No late fees – return at any time through the pre-pay envelopes. The next book will arrive shortly. In this Quickcast interview, we talk with Eric Ginsberg – a teacher, musician and librarian that brought over some great ideas of online book rental to life months after BookSwim was created by George Burke and Shamoon Siddiqui. We talk with Eric and discuss the reasons why someone would use BookSwim as opposed to an e-reader, buying or just going to...

Iomega Brings NAS Through USB Drives with the Iomega i-Connect – CES 2010 0

Iomega Brings NAS Through USB Drives with the Iomega i-Connect – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS IOMega i-Connect Wireless Data Station gets in the Network Attached Storage (NAS) game with this new device. It takes your USB drives and turns it into storage over the network. You will also be able to connect USB printers or other devices, and it will turn into a new drive for you to pull from. Andy McCaskey talks with Bill on this great new product from Iomega. The i-Connect Data Station is only $99 and has a 3 year warranty. Of course, it is wireless, so you will be able to place it anywhere you have a WiFI signal. Sponsor:  Get GotoAssist Express free for 30 days and complete the IT Toolbox – GoToAssist.com/techpodcasts. Get this content on TiVo, Roku and Boxee – Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and Check out Techpodcasts.tv

The Sling Touch Remote Control Device For Sling Players – CES 2010 0

The Sling Touch Remote Control Device For Sling Players – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Interactive guides are nice, but they can take up a screen. It would be great if you could have the guide show up on a remote, then when you select a show it will appear on the screen. That is what Sling is working on with the Sling Touch Remote. The Sling Touch is a powerful remote with wireless capabilities. If you are in the basement and the game is starting, you just connect to the WiFi and set the SlingBox or another device. The guide will be there to help you through so you don’t need to run upstairs to make sure the record light is flashing. Todd Cochrane talks with Anthony about this great new product from Sling. It’s also a universal remote and could be part of a bundled package, such as Dish network. Sponsor:  Get GotoAssist Express...

The First MMO for LEGO in LEGO Universe – CES 2010 0

The First MMO for LEGO in LEGO Universe – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS If LEGO was this cool when I was a kid, I would have had more of them. It’s amazing how we take something as simple as a plastic building brick and turn our imaginations to new horizons. When we computerized everything, it just seemed that LEGO would be left behind. That is, until someone said “Hey! Can we CGI a LEGO?” That is where LEGO Universe comes in. Rob Blatt found Greg at the booth where we found out that LEGO has now moved into a new realm – the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. In the initial story, the Maelstrom are attacking and you work with your online friends to save imagination. The prices have not been set, but it should come out 2nd half of 2010 at a reasonable price. Sponsor:  Get GotoAssist Express free for 30 days and...

Sony Comes out with Personal Internet Viewer in the Sony Dash – CES 2010 0

Sony Comes out with Personal Internet Viewer in the Sony Dash – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS A couple years ago we saw stand alone items like the Chumby at CES where you can have an internet portal by your bed, next to a couch or in the kitchen. The item would display photos, show video and get email. Well Sony has really stepped up the game this year with a great product in the Sony Dash. Todd Cochrane talks with Ali from Sony about this Personal Internet Viewer. With over 1,500 free apps and Wi-Fi connection, it really gives you the content you want. As long as there is a wireless signal, you will be able to get sports scores, stocks, weather or whatever you desire. The Sony Dash is planned to be out by April at a price point of $199. It’s a 7″ touchscreen with USB 2.0 interface. You will also be able to connect to Sony...

Clear – WiMax Steps up the Broadband game – CES 2010 0

Clear – WiMax Steps up the Broadband game – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS This year we had a big challenge in finding bandwidth. We had to bring our own solutions to make sure we could upload video. One of those solutions is Clear – Where you can either use a USB dongle, or just get one of the embedded device machines. Wireless in your car, on the go or just in the home – 4G WiMax is available. Andy McCaskey talks with Brian about how this newer level of technology is being cultivated. They talk about the 27 market locations available. They also note one big difference – the lower to ground, the better. Sponsor:  Try GoToAssist free for 30 days – GoToAssist.com/techpodcasts. Get this content on TiVo, Roku and Boxee

16 Tech Innovations that didn’t quite stick 2

16 Tech Innovations that didn’t quite stick

You might remember the products. You might remember the hype. Then, you are tooling down highway 41 years later and all of a sudden you think to yourself – “Hey, whatever happened to…” Failed ideas. Maybe it was a great idea, but wasn’t made right, or design errors brought it down. Maybe it was just a bad product. Well, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see if we cannot repeat these errors again. Oh yeah, why 16? Well because we could. The Computer Watch: Whether it was the Ruputer, the MSN Direct ‘Smart’ Watches, the Timex Data Link Watch or another gadget watch – BTW – I remember having a “Transformers watch”. It was awesome! Still, the Dick Tracey style communication watches, the “Computer on a wrist”, never really hit it off. I even remember a watch that gave you directions. You would put in the...