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iBike: Powerhouse for your iPhone, Bike – CES 2012 0

iBike: Powerhouse for your iPhone, Bike – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSHunter from iBikeSports  joins Todd and Don for the Live CES TPN coverage. He is showing off the iBike Powerhouse. It is a case that mounts to your bike. It’s weatherproof, and with the app, turns your iPhone into a cycling computer. Distance, speed and how fast your pedaling are some of the items the app checks. Get an add-on heart monitor to check your vitals. Set up goals and achieve them. The iBike Powerhouse is a great training tool for you. Hunter is also an Olympic coach, so with his direct input, you know you are getting a great product. iBike at Amazon Prices for iBike Powerhouse: $269. A basic version is $149, and the full version with all bells and whistles is $749. Powerhouse will be out in March. Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast...

A Window of Opportunity: Duncan Campbell – HP Road Show Converged Infrastructure 0

A Window of Opportunity: Duncan Campbell – HP Road Show Converged Infrastructure

Do you need to improve your computing ability so you can simply be more productive? Datacenters are trying to shrink but be more powerful. Add to it a host of systems you inherit from mergers and buyouts. Legacy systems without agility and how we are caught in “Silos” are the big concerns. Customers want to know how they can break out of those cycles and have a scalable system that can converge and convert at a moments notice. Duncan Campbell talks at the HP Road Show Converged infrastructure on how HP’s strategy to building the future of Datacenters. From Storage, Servers, Power, Scaling, Management, to Networks. In the heart is the resources and processes that can adopt and respond. Video by Andy McCaskey and Jeffrey Powers. Later today, we will do a one-on-one video with Duncan about what he discussed in this video.

Ramblings – 5-09-09 – Award Night 0

Ramblings – 5-09-09 – Award Night

For those who don’t know, tonight I am going to the Madison Area Music Awards. I was nominated for 3 awards including cover band of the year, country song of the year (which was weird) and Unique song of the year (a remix of a song by another artist). It’s pretty exciting that I was nominated on all 3 areas – 2 of them I had expectation on . While I’ve been waiting for tonight, I had some interesting issues come up with the site. In PHP land, if there is a issue, it will create a ‘core’ file. That file might have 0 kb or megs of info. I had over 300 of them on the site. To counter, I cleared out the offending ones, made sure all updates were solid, backed up and cleaned content and wrote a CRON job to tell me if this happens...