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iPhone 5, Mark Zuckerberg, Videos Galore!

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Well it’s been over 1 months since the last Geek Smack! It’s been a wild month as I went to drive a car, VMWorld and TechCrunch Disrupt. Now I am back and revitalized to bring you a Geek Smack! episode. Lots to talk about! Get 20% off with code “Geekazine” at Zagg Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the audio version  Subscribe to the podcast via: Feedburner – Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher You can catch me on Twitter @geekazine –  Geekazine Facebook Group – About.Me Other shows: Day in Tech History – Geekazine Special Media Feed – iPad365 Geek Smack! episode 236 Tech News:   Twitter Rolls Out New Look – Does this new design look good to you? It’s just a picture on top of your Twitter… Internet Explorer Breach – Watchdog warning of a big hole in IE 6,7,8 and 9. Suggests to switch browsers until fixed. Apple Event Roundup –...


Why I Bought 1 Share of Facebook Stock

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThese last few weeks have been pretty tough. Last week my back went out, so I did very limited work. This week, I had an anxiety attack – something I was told to expect with a Blood Pressure medication I have been taking. I am now at about 90%. I am hoping to re-start iPad365 on a few episodes a week. But we’ll see once I am done with Geek Smack! for today. BlogWorld & New Media Expo is only a week and a half away! I am putting together video for the show, and looking for people that are going. If you are, let me know and we’ll get on a Google Hangout to talk. I am also looking for writers to Geekazine. People who can write about the newest gadgets coming out. If interested, please email geekazine at gmail. Hotline...

Internet Explorer: “We’re Number Two” 0

Internet Explorer: “We’re Number Two”

Firefox has passed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in browser usage in Europe. From the San Jose Mercury-News’s Silicon Valley dot com: Breaking a decade of global dominance, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in December lost its spot as the browser with the majority of page views in the United States and surrendered its long-held place to Mozilla’s Firefox as Europe’s most popular browser, according to data released Tuesday by the web analytics firm StatCounter. The story goes on to point out that Firefox has not so much gained as Internet Explorer has waned, saying that Firefox has remained flat and the big gains have been by Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. I suspect that much of this has been fueled by the sales of Apple’s iGadgets, which would naturally boost Safari usage, as the iPhone and iPad include Safari as the default browser. Apple created a new market for Safari with...

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Reported 0

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Reported

The BBC reports that Microsoft has announced the existence of a vulnerability in all versions of IE. From the article: The bug revolves around the way that IE manages a computer’s memory when processing Cascading Style Sheets – a widely used technology that defines the look and feel of pages on a website. Hi-tech criminals have long known that they can exploit IE’s memory management to inject their own malicious code into the stream of instructions a computer processes as a browser is being used. In this way the criminals can get their own code running and hijack a PC. Microsoft has produced updates that improves memory management but security researchers discovered that these protection systems are not used when some older parts of Windows are called upon. The story goes on to say that Microsoft, while it is working on a fix, recommends using the Enhanced Mitigation...

Opera Top Browser (in Central Asia) 0

Opera Top Browser (in Central Asia)

The San Jose Mercury News visits Opera’s unpretentious North American headquarters and reports that the Opera browser, little noticed in the United States, is experiencing significant gains in popularity elsewhere. The story attempts to put the worldwide browser market into a worldwide perspective and is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in Browser Wars II: As recently as 2003, Microsoft’s browser controlled well over 90 percent of the market. But if current trends continue, Internet Explorer could sink below 50 percent of the world’s desktop users as soon as this summer, data collected by the Web analytics firm StatCounter suggests. (A different firm, Netmarketshare, puts IE’s share higher, just below 60 percent of the world market, but also slipping.) While Opera is the most popular browser in parts of the former Soviet Union such as Uzbekistan and Belarus, Firefox is now tops in Germany and other European nations,...

Browser Wars Redux:  Is IE on the Run? 0

Browser Wars Redux: Is IE on the Run?

The BBC reports that Internet Explorer’s share of the browser market is the lowest in a decade, have just dropped below 60% worldwide: Measurement firms tend to agree that IE is losing market share although the percentage share of rival browsers is more hotly contested. In the UK, research firm Nielsen suggests that IE still commands 70% of the market, with Mozilla’s Firefox on 18%. It does not include figures for Apple’s Safari. It still shows a downwards trend for IE, losing 6% of market share since last year. They rank the top ones as follows (I had never heard of Flock or Lunascape): Internet Explorer – 59.9% Firefox – 24.5% Chrome – 6.7% Safari – 4.7% Opera – 2.3% Opera Mini – 0.7% Netscape – 0.46% Mozilla – 0.16% Flock – 0.06% Lunascape – 0.04% The researchers think that a primary reason is that persons are more...

Possible Twitter Security Flaw 0

Possible Twitter Security Flaw

Reuters is reporting that a security flaw in Twitter exposes users’ login credentials. It’s related to a known vulnerability in the Adobe Flash programming language. From the article: Adobe has told programmers how to address the vulnerability, which was first discovered in 2006, he added, but noted the operators of many websites have failed to respond to the warnings from Adobe. Some of the comments I’ve seen are wondering why Twitter hasn’t fixed this. I was starting to wonder why the flaw still exists in the Flash programming language, then I realized Adobe can’t be responsible for programmers’ not keeping up. I’m not an Adobe fan (I don’t use the Acrobat reader on any of my machines and I use Flash only because there’s not much point to surfing the web without it), but I have to say that Adobe has gotten a lot of undeserved bad press...

Chrome-Plated Sony 0

Chrome-Plated Sony

Google’s Chrome browser will be included on some Sony computers, according to Bloomberg. The story states that Internet Explorer had 67 percent of the market in February, and Chrome had 1.2 percent, according to Net Applications, a Web-tracking firm based in Aliso Viejo, California. Firefox claimed 22 percent, and Apple Inc.’s Safari had 8 percent. There has been much ado about Microsoft vs. Google lately, not just in the market but also in politics, such as this report on Microsoft’s lobbying efforts. I’ve certainly done my share of fulminating about Bing, not as a search engine, but as a Microsoft business strategy.

Why I Was Swearing Late Last Night 0

Why I Was Swearing Late Last Night

Two words: Internet Explorer. I have been working on a website for a friend. It’s not quite ready for primetime, but It’s come a long way in 20 billable hours. So, after a nap because my brain was tired, I decided to test it in Internet Explorer. It didn’t render properly, either in regular mode of “compatibility mode” (It is to laugh). It worked in every other browser I had (Opera, for both Windows and Linux, Firefox, Konqueror, just to name a few) but not in IE. It took me about 25 minutes and lots of creative language to find the tag that was causing IE to malform the page.

Week In Tech History – 6-15-09 – FireFox 3 Debuts 0

Week In Tech History – 6-15-09 – FireFox 3 Debuts

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by GotoAssist Express – Get your 30 Day free trial Mozilla broke free and created Firefox back in 2004. Since then, they have been growing in browser popularity. Being the major browser in Linux, but also downloadable for Windows and Mac helps a lot. The ability to install Add-ons also makes this browser very flexable. On June 17th, 2008, Mozilla released version 3.0 of the browser (with version 1.9 of the Gecko engine). They wanted to put a big dent into the Internet Explorer market, so they created a “Download party”. The idea was to get a record number of downloads for the launch – a Guiness World record, that is. They created Download Day to promote the record. However, the day of the launch was not good to Mozilla. They got ready to push out the browser, but...

Bing, Bang, Bust 0

Bing, Bang, Bust

It’s almost impossible to look at any news site without seeing another puff piece for Microsoft’s newest attempt to become a player in internet search, Bing, which, according to the link, is coming soon. I unhesitatingly predict that it will be the Cuil of 2009. Remember Cuil?

Another Blast from the Past: MS in Anti-Trust Case in Europe 0

Another Blast from the Past: MS in Anti-Trust Case in Europe

MarketWatch reports that Microsoft is in trouble in Europe for Internet Explorer. Again. Or is that still? Read the full story here. Here’s an excerpt: It was a complaint from Opera that spurred the European Commission to issue an objection in January to Microsoft’s practice of tying its Internet Explorer browser to its dominant Windows operating system.

Microsearch Engines 0

Microsearch Engines

Bloomberg quotes Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft’s efforts to become a player in internet searches. Read the full story here: “Google does have to be all things to all people,” Ballmer said yesterday in an interview in New York. “Our search does not need to be all things to all people.” Google may be tentative about changing the look of its search pages, causing the company to take fewer risks, said Ballmer, 52. The challenge is similar to what Microsoft faces with its Windows operating system, which needs to appeal to a broad range of customers, he said. I find Mr. Ballmer’s position interesting for a number of reasons.

IE 8 Released 0

IE 8 Released

From MarketWatch, which reports that Microsoft “unveiled Internet Explorer 8, the newest version of its Web browser. The software will be available for download in 25 languages at noon Eastern Time on Thursday at Microsoft’s Website.” Here is a link to the IE 8 webpage.

Ramblings – 10-11-08 – Goodbye Aunt Edie, WP-Cache 0

Ramblings – 10-11-08 – Goodbye Aunt Edie, WP-Cache

The first paragraph goes out to my Aunt Edie. She passed away earlier this morning. I got to spend some time with her one summer when I was in grade school. At the time she owned an actual food concessions trailer. She would drive it to each location and serve the workers lunch, then close up and drive on back home. I learned how to play backgammon from Edie. Later in life, Edie and Uncle Ed, along with the kids, moved to a horse farm North-East of here. We had a few family get-togethers at the farm. The horses were being raised for the Kentucky derby, so they were rigorously trained. For that, I bid adeau to my aunt. She lived a solid life and taught me a few things. I won’t forget it.