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Cujo Smart Firewall is the Internet Dog that Protects Your Internet’s Front Door

Some of us have the cable company set up our Internet, which we assume as safe. Maybe you also get a Wifi router, which you think you add even more security to your system. But these devices don’t deal as much with security – only to get you online. you need something that will tell you what is coming into your Internet home and even block the bad. That is where Cujo comes in. The more you have connected to your “Smart Home”, the more a device is needed so others cannot use this door to come in. All you need to do is click a link in an email that looks official. Or maybe you get a new device that you instantly connect to your network, and put all your passwords in, thinking it’s safe. Next thing you know, your computers,smart thermostat, lights,smart TV, and many other...

Vint Cerf Talks People Centered Internet

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSYou may or may not like your Internet speed right now, but in some areas, Internet is non-existant. We’re not talking 3rd World countries, either. There are many areas in the U.S. that also go with little to no signal for children trying to learn and grow. That is why Vint Cerf helped create the People Centered Internet. I got to sit and talk with Vint at the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW in Austin, TX about where we are in this initiative. Who is Vint Cerf? Recognized as a founding father of the Internet, Vinton Gray Cerf was best known as co-inventor of the TCP/IP with his team at DARPA. Cerf then moved to MCI to help launch the first commercial email system – called MCI Mail. Vinton continued on, helping develop ICANN. He currently sits on multiple technology...

Netgear Nighthawk X4S Wireless Router Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS200 GB for Netflix. That is the data usage estimate for those who watch 13 hours of TV per week in HD. If you have Ultra HD (4k), that number will more than double. Add to that Internet security cameras, IoT devices like lights and thermostats and you have to not only worry about how much bandwidth you have, but if your home router can handle that information. The Netgear Nighthawk X4S is a wireless router that can keep up with the ever growing mobile devices in your house. Gaming and Video are the two big reasons to get this device. Pair two together and you can have full coverage of almost any home. Let’s start with the specs, then go over all the pros and cons. The Nighthawk X4S Router is a Dual Band Quad Stream Gigabit router. Using MU-MIMO...


Cachefly: A Little About Geekazine’s CDN for Video, Podcasts

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt doesn’t matter if you are a podcaster, video content creator, app developer or gamer – you need a solid CDN to deliver images, audio and video across your program. The content needs to deliver fast and reliably so your customers don’t move to another website, show or game. When I lost my CDN in August, I did a lot of shopping for a new location. I had over 900 videos that needed a new home and a lot of work changing file names just to get back on track. I have looked at Cachefly in the past and was pretty impressed with their track record. So I moved over to the service. Why Do Podcasters, Video Creators Need a CDN like Cachefly? Sure, you can put all your videos up on YouTube and that can be pretty sufficient. However, some...


Domainskate Helps You Protect Your Domain’s Intellectual Property

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at SXSW, I ran into Howard Greenstein, COO of Domainskate. We got a chance to sit down and talk about protecting your domain’s identity on the web and how Domainskate.com can help in that. Big name companies have seen this – people try to cash off your idea. For instance, Apple Watch is coming, so there are hundreds trying to get similar domain names so they can try to get some of the massive traffic Apple will see. Therefore, Apple lawyers will be busy on the taking down of those sites. Domainskate is for the smaller businesses who still have to worry about those posers. You simply enter your domain and the service will start monitoring it. If it sees any suspicious activity, you will get notified. One of the issues most domain owners see is the email from another...


Knotable Organizes Email for Collaboration – Disrupt 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWe all get the email threads: Someone gets praise or lands a new job and 50 replies of “Congratulations!” follow in the email. What if you were to export that thread to an area where people can collaborate and clean up the posts? That is what Knotable is all about. Created for those in email groups that need to collaborate better, Knotable (pr. note-able) will take over the thread, clear out the repetitive nonsense and previous replies, then set your post into the queue. Others can then vote it up and down or it can even get removed if a post is not accepted. The idea is to move the important parts to the top. In video collaboration (for example) you can have the popular remarks toward the top so the final product includes those. It also avoids two people asking...

I went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates them Here 1

I Went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates Them Here…

You might have heard the hate issues associated with Google Glass. Well I would like to tell you my story of how someone either put me down or caused physical violence – but I can’t. And I went to one of the most populated areas in the world. I thought for sure with my recent trip to New York I would get a hater, an accausting of, or at least a “can you please take those off?” Yet all I got was the same questions people in my city would ask. When I arrived in NYC (and after attending part of a conference I was there for) I stopped into 5 Napkins restaurant. Located at 690 9th street in Hell’s Kitchen, this is one place I highly recommend you have a burger at. I arrived at the restaurant and the first person to notice Glass was the host...


Motorola Droid Maxx vs. Motorola Moto-X – Android Throwdown

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThere are a lot of Android, Windows and iOS phones out on the market. Old and new, it gets really confusing to try and find a phone that will work for you. I talked with the folks at Verizon and they agree – they want to get you a phone that works for your needs. That is why we are running a series of videos putting different phones together. I will be talking their good points and bad. In this video, I take the larger Motorola Droid Maxx and pit it with the Motorola Moto X. Both phones will go through a few tests with battery and software usage. I’ll report on their results. Motorola Droid Maxx The price right now is $99.99 with 2 year contract or $499 out of contract. But this Android device is really for those of...


Quiker Creates App to Control All Ads – Tech Cocktail

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI got to talk with the folks at Quiker while at Tech Cocktail week in Las Vegas. Quiker allows you to control your Adsense, Facebook, and other social network ads all through one interface. This is perfect for if you want to send a viral ad. Simply pull out your phone, put the ad together, set your prices, and send off.  


The Changing YouTube – Trolls Beware!

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS I am officially a Google Helpouts mentor. You can ask me questions not only about Podcasting, but also help with Wirecast. Last night’s TWIGG was awesome collection of news. We talked about XE11, surgeons on Glass and more. I have officially moved TWIGG to its own YouTube channel – you can now find at youtube.com/thisweekinglass . Was in Tucson last week for Techonomy13. Awesome sessions from many people. Tony Hsiesh was the most prolific, as he talked about moving the company into Vegas and the change from shoes to much more. TPN Crowdfund is still going. T-shirts are great stocking stuffers! Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the audio version Subscribe to the podcast via: iTunes – TechPodcasts – Stitcher You can catch me on Twitter @geekazine – Facebook Group – About.Me Other shows: Day in Tech History – Geekazine...

One for Anonymous – Child Porn Sites Taken Down Through #OpDarknet 0

One for Anonymous – Child Porn Sites Taken Down Through #OpDarknet

The Pastebin website reports that Operation Darknet (#OpDarknet), an anonymous Tor Onion site that seems to be focusing attention on taking down child pornography.

BAMM.tv: Chris Hansen Talks Independent Music – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF 0

BAMM.tv: Chris Hansen Talks Independent Music – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF

Jeffrey Powers talks with Chris Hansen from BAMM.tv about how independent artists can get their music out there.

There Is Help 0

There Is Help

A treatment center for internet addiction has opened near Seattle. The story is in the Guardian. I wasn’t going to mention it until I started reading the comments; some of them are priceless. My favorite comment: I wonder whether they offer the counseling courses online….

Back from the Shadows Again 1

Back from the Shadows Again

I returned yesterday evening from three days and two nights of almost no innertubes or cell phone. I was staying in a hotel that I’ve used many times. The ethernet connection in the room did not work. We tried two computers and two cables and nada. Because of the nature of the family business I was there to conduct, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to change rooms. (There was wireless in the lobby.) In addition, my cell carrier’s local tower was apparently having issues. There was unbroken coverage a few miles away in either direction. (On my way back, I called my carrier to report the problem, since I suspect they have few customers in the local area, as they are new there; they were shocked when I refused to discuss any kind of credit or refund). And, you know what? the world didn’t end. It...

Cybersquashed, Jay Leno Dept. 0

Cybersquashed, Jay Leno Dept.

Reuters reports that a real estate agent who had registered the domain name, thejaylenoshow dot com, violated comedian Jay Leno’s “common law” right to his own name, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency. The story is here. The agent used the domain name to direct web users to a real estate site. An excerpt: Furthermore, real estate agent Zambrano did not have any legitimate rights to the disputed web address and had registered it in “bad faith,” according to the ruling by William Towns, an independent arbitrator appointed by the Geneva-based agency. I suspect that the “bad faith” element will be a key to any precedent this ruling establishes. A domain name registration which had led, for example, to a parody or fan site, would not necessarily be in “bad faith,” because the domain name would have some relationship to the purpose...

iDell? 0


Reuters, citing the Wall Street Journal, reports that Dell is developing a pocket-sized internet device. Read the story here. Here’s an excerpt: The gadget would run on Google Inc’s Android software, the people told the paper. According to the paper, two people who saw early prototypes described the device as slightly larger than Apple Inc’s iPod Touch, which is similar to the iPhone but does not have cellphone capabilities.

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go? 0

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go?

Busy Week Thanks for coming to the site. We had another great week – busy week. It was a lot of fun and really productive. Post – HPTF Of course, we went to Vegas the week before to cover the HP Technology Forum Expo. Andy McCaskey, Kara Karsten and myself were working hard with interviews, product reviews and more. This week was planning to get some of the videos out to you. So far, we’ve posted the HP POD video on Friday and have a lot more coming soon. Summer of Podcasts – Podcast Carnivale This is what really took up the majority of the week. The last month I have been working hard in getting prizes together. Now it’s time to put a contest together. That is where the Summer of Podcasts comes in. Each week, Podcasters will be giving out codewords during their shows. We will...

The Internet:  Environmental Wasteland? 0

The Internet: Environmental Wasteland?

The Guardian reports that some scientists are concerned that the internet is consuming too much electricity. Read the story here; I’m not even going to try to excerpt it. I guess it’s time for all of us to go back to chipping out our bitstrips on the walls of the cave.

Ask Not for Whom the Cloud Looms; It Looms for You 1

Ask Not for Whom the Cloud Looms; It Looms for You

The latest answer, the latest of many, to the question of “earth, the universe, and everything” in computerdom seems to be cloud computing, in which users’ applications and data exist not on their local machines, but up there, somewhere, in the “cloud.” (Aside: In the olden days, when I was a young ‘un, it was called “networking,” but “networking” is not a new, marketable term, so the marketeers disdain it.) I am as skeptical of this as I was of doing grocery shopping via the internet.

IE 8 Released 0

IE 8 Released

From MarketWatch, which reports that Microsoft “unveiled Internet Explorer 8, the newest version of its Web browser. The software will be available for download in 25 languages at noon Eastern Time on Thursday at Microsoft’s Website.” Here is a link to the IE 8 webpage.

Net Neutrality under Attack 0

Net Neutrality under Attack

The corporate forces opposing and supporting net neutrality have decided to fight it out in Europe, according to the New York Times. Read the article here. The says that those ISPs who want to charge for bandwidth and to charge websites for higher priorities have concluded that, if they can establish those practices in Europe, they can more easily establish them in the United States. The new buzzword for this assault on net neutrality is “traffic management.” An excerpt:

Geekazine Podcast Ep. 1 on Internet Archive 0

Geekazine Podcast Ep. 1 on Internet Archive

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFor a while I have been wondering what I should do with my old Podcasts – After all, they should be somewhere for access, but where? Today I decided to put up Episode 1 on the Internet Archive; a collective for archiving the World Wide Web. It’s not a be-all/end-all for where my older shows are going to go. For now I will still have the old Podcasts in the exact same area as before. However, it’s always good to have another spot if you want to check out how the show has progressed. For now I will be putting up the first few shows on the site. If you listen to the 1st show, you will notice it is called “The Show”. I didn’t have “Geekazine” just yet. It also contains the intro of my previous Podcast – “The Independant Music...

When Ubuntu Users Go Rogue: One Woman’s Story of Predjudice. 1

When Ubuntu Users Go Rogue: One Woman’s Story of Predjudice.

The original article on the station:WKOW – ‘Woman blames Dell for missing online classes’. Maybe an antagonizing title as it brought many Dell and Ubuntu users online to blast the TV station and the woman. And why did Ubuntu users do this? Well – this person wanted Windows instead of Ubuntu. The story starts out where the Abbie wanted a laptop for her studies. She bought one from Dell for $1100. The machine came loaded with Ubuntu – which Abbie hadn’t heard about until that point. When she called Dell, they told her that Ubuntu is a great OS and will work well for her. For Abbie, she is not in tune with the computer world as much as a lot of other people are. And rightfully so – I don’t normally rebuild cars, so I don’t know what parts I should use – I don’t build houses,...

CES 2009 – Blaupunkt – Internet Car Radio 0

CES 2009 – Blaupunkt – Internet Car Radio

Save 10% on your Godaddy.com order using Promo Code “Pod125” Visit Rawvoiceoffers.com and use the Promo code “Blaupunkt” for more info. It’s not a show with Ashton Kutcher catching celebrities off guard, but Ashton could possibly be on this someday. Are you a fan of Internet radio? Would you like to see IR in your car? Well Blaupunkt might be for you. Andy learns more about this product. Although this product is not coming out until the 2nd half of 2009, it is something to really look forward to.

Did the Geekazine 2008 Predictions Come True? 0

Did the Geekazine 2008 Predictions Come True?

Wow. It was about a year ago I asked for people to send in thoughts as to what to expect in 2008. I also made some Technology predictions. But the real question was – How far off was I? This is actually part 1 of a 2-part story. This first part reviews the predictions I made last year and how far off I was. Part 2 will have this years predictions, including predictions from CEO’s CTO’s TechPodcasters and even a Psychic. So without any further ado, let’s pick apart my idiocy from last year: OLPC will have some growing pains. The first part of OLPC will be the easiest. Maintaining the machines will be the trick. Microsoft coming onboard will muddy the water, but they might be able to do things like offer a better support network to third world countries.