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Domainskate Helps You Protect Your Domain’s Intellectual Property

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:59 — 277.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS While at SXSW, I ran into Howard Greenstein, COO of Domainskate. We got a chance to sit down and talk about protecting your domain’s identity on the web and how Domainskate.com can help in that. Big name companies have seen this – people try to cash off your idea. For instance, Apple Watch is coming, so there are hundreds trying to get similar domain names so they can try to get some of the massive traffic Apple will see. Therefore, Apple lawyers will...

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Knotable Organizes Email for Collaboration – Disrupt 2014

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 8:18 — 86.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS We all get the email threads: Someone gets praise or lands a new job and 50 replies of “Congratulations!” follow in the email. What if you were to export that thread to an area where people can collaborate and clean up the posts? That is what Knotable is all about. Created for those in email groups that need to collaborate better, Knotable (pr. note-able) will take over the thread, clear out the repetitive nonsense and previous replies, then set your post into the...

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I Went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates Them Here…

You might have heard the hate issues associated with Google Glass. Well I would like to tell you my story of how someone either put me down or caused physical violence – but I can’t. And I went to one of the most populated areas in the world. I thought for sure with my recent trip to New York I would get a hater, an accausting of, or at least a “can you please take those off?” Yet all I got was the same questions people in my city would ask. When I arrived in NYC (and after attending part...

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Motorola Droid Maxx vs. Motorola Moto-X – Android Throwdown

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:15 — 329.8MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS There are a lot of Android, Windows and iOS phones out on the market. Old and new, it gets really confusing to try and find a phone that will work for you. I talked with the folks at Verizon and they agree – they want to get you a phone that works for your needs. That is why we are running a series of videos putting different phones together. I will be talking their good points and bad. In this video, I take...

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Quiker Creates App to Control All Ads – Tech Cocktail

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:01 — 31.4MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS I got to talk with the folks at Quiker while at Tech Cocktail week in Las Vegas. Quiker allows you to control your Adsense, Facebook, and other social network ads all through one interface. This is perfect for if you want to send a viral ad. Simply pull out your phone, put the ad together, set your prices, and send off.  

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The Changing YouTube – Trolls Beware!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 49:52 — 34.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS I am officially a Google Helpouts mentor. You can ask me questions not only about Podcasting, but also help with Wirecast. Last night’s TWIGG was awesome collection of news. We talked about XE11, surgeons on Glass and more. I have officially moved TWIGG to its own YouTube channel – you can now find at youtube.com/thisweekinglass . Was in Tucson last week for Techonomy13. Awesome sessions from many people. Tony Hsiesh was the most prolific, as he talked about moving the company into Vegas and...

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There Is Help

A treatment center for internet addiction has opened near Seattle. The story is in the Guardian. I wasn’t going to mention it until I started reading the comments; some of them are priceless. My favorite comment: I wonder whether they offer the counseling courses online….

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Back from the Shadows Again

I returned yesterday evening from three days and two nights of almost no innertubes or cell phone. I was staying in a hotel that I’ve used many times. The ethernet connection in the room did not work. We tried two computers and two cables and nada. Because of the nature of the family business I was there to conduct, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to change rooms. (There was wireless in the lobby.) In addition, my cell carrier’s local tower was apparently having issues. There was unbroken coverage a few miles away in either direction. (On my way...

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Cybersquashed, Jay Leno Dept.

Reuters reports that a real estate agent who had registered the domain name, thejaylenoshow dot com, violated comedian Jay Leno’s “common law” right to his own name, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency. The story is here. The agent used the domain name to direct web users to a real estate site. An excerpt: Furthermore, real estate agent Zambrano did not have any legitimate rights to the disputed web address and had registered it in “bad faith,” according to the ruling by William Towns, an independent arbitrator appointed by the Geneva-based agency. I suspect...

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Reuters, citing the Wall Street Journal, reports that Dell is developing a pocket-sized internet device. Read the story here. Here’s an excerpt: The gadget would run on Google Inc’s Android software, the people told the paper. According to the paper, two people who saw early prototypes described the device as slightly larger than Apple Inc’s iPod Touch, which is similar to the iPhone but does not have cellphone capabilities.