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Blog for Geekazine – If Geekazine Gets Bought Out, You Could Get Paid. 2

Blog for Geekazine – If Geekazine Gets Bought Out, You Could Get Paid.

Of course, last week we read about AOL buying Huffington Post. The big fail news was all those volunteer bloggers didn’t get a dime for their help in building this website. It’s sad, but it’s also a fact of life. You blog for free, you get what comes to you. Well, we at Geekazine, Dorkazine and Sportazine want you to write for us. And we’re willing to pay you – if we get bought out. How Our Pay Model Works (If Geekazine gets bought out) As a Pro-bono writer, each article acts as a percentage to 25% of Geekazine. As an editor, each article edited acts as a percentage of an additional 10%. Finally, admins will get a split of an additional 5% (even split). A grand total of 40% of purchase price (minus production costs) could be paid out to loyal writers. It is all based on...



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