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Luxli Viola is an RGBW LED Light with iOS App

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLuxli set up a backpack at NAB to show off Viola – a portable LED light that can change color and temperature. RGB + 3,400-10,000 white light. The Viola is Bluetooth connected, so you can put the light up into the rafters, then adjust at needed. Link lights together to go from a soft light to a Discotheque. The 5 inch Viola can be attached on a light and use a standard Panasonic battery. You can also add a diffuser for a softbox need. The Luxli can be used for remote video, in-studio lighting, or even if the electricity goes out in a storm.

Turn Your Light Into a Computer with Beam Labs

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSYou might think “Why would I want to turn my light into a computer?” I was thinking that, too, until I saw what the folks at Beam Labs are up to. This is a ingenious bulb that has a full Android OS inside. Simply screw in the Edison bulb, turn it on and use the lamp as a projector. The first application I thought of was for a restaurant. You could  easily have a menu project onto a table. When you don’t want to see the menu anymore, flip the switch and it’s a regular light bulb. With the app, you could also turn that menu-light into an Internet Connected game system or video watching system. While the family waits for breakfast, they could be watching the latest news projected on the table from the overhead lamp. Most portable lamps could be...


SunOyster Systems brings Concentrated Solar Power – Disrupt 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThe biggest issue with solar power is those large panels you have to place on the house to get enough power to be worth it. Concentrated solar could help and SunOyster Systems is working on doubling the power in less time. Using a reflexive surface the light concentrates to efficiently consume the cell. The setup of the system looks a lot different than a solar panel. Curved reflective surfaces point to the cell in a way it doesn’t reflect back (like to a pilot passing overhead) and can capture as much as possible. The device we saw at the show was a scale model. Dr. Carsten Corino informs me the system could be only a few meters in size and – even in winter – power the house for the day. The solar tracking system keeps in-line with the sun for...

OWLE For iPhone 4S Turns Smartphone into Super Powerful Camera 0

OWLE For iPhone 4S Turns Smartphone into Super Powerful Camera

The OWLE Bubo is an attachment to the device so you can add lenses, lights, tripods and microphones to your smartphone

10 Ways to Make Google Hangout a Better Experience for All 4

10 Ways to Make Google Hangout a Better Experience for All

In the last couple days, the invite feature for Google+ has stayed open, which means we could start seeing an influx of people wondering what this new social network is about. We all want to connect with friends. One great way to do that is through Google Hangout. We can talk with up to 9 others on a single session, which is a lot of fun. However, sometimes it can be a painful experience if someone in the group is moving around a lot or not being courteous to others. So how can we all make our hangouts a great experience? Let’s give you 10 ideas. Create a comfortable environment to Hangout in You might be on a hangout for an hour or more. The longest hangout I was on so far was around 3 hours. Therefore, finding a great place to personally hang out is key to...

A Spirit in the Clouds? Pictures of Mysterious Light on My Flight. 0

A Spirit in the Clouds? Pictures of Mysterious Light on My Flight.

First of all, I have to preface by saying the only photoshop I did was put the watermark on. I was in the air from Chicago to Detroit. I decided to take pictures of clouds for an idea I had. There was this one cloud I thought would make a great picture. When I first took the series of pictures, I thought it was a great shot to make. However, I looked a little closer at the 2nd and 3rd pictures, I saw something in the bottom left-hand corner. It was a light in the form of a person standing on a cloud. When I went to the next picture, I saw that light jump up. The third picture showed the light up farther. I was pretty taken back to see the one picture. I thought it was impressive enough. This light on the corner, well, I don’t...

Fretlight Guitars – Video Review 1

Fretlight Guitars – Video Review

This week for TVazine, we go through a review that I thought was all but lost. A couple months ago, a hard drive crashed and with it – a few of the video reviews I did early on that were not published yet. However, I do back up systems, and found that this video was saved in a backup I did the month before. It was a copy that I already edited down, so I couldn’t put it into 720 format, but I was able to do a little tweaking on it. I also am playing with some new title intros, so let me know if you like the new intro. In the meantime, we review the Fretlight guitar – a special guitar that connects to the PC via USB, then lights up the fretboard to direct you on how to play certain songs. This guitar is great...

The Race for Energy – Can We Lower Gas Prices? 0

The Race for Energy – Can We Lower Gas Prices?

A barrel of Oil is 42 Gallons – but when refined, the amount of oil is 44.77 Gallons. From each barrel, 43.9% is turned into Gasoline (19.65 Gallons). 22.4% goes to Diesel (10.03 Gallons),

Mr. Bitstrips Comic Creator 5

Mr. Bitstrips Comic Creator

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOK, so sometimes I go a little overboard. But it’s fun. This is my newest BitStrip based off the popular light beer commercial. Let me know what you think…. Audio for this strip is Below.



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