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Tony Davis Talks CA Fellow Program – CAWorld 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI talked with Tony Davis, VP of solution strategy. I learned a little bit about a new program called CA fellow. With this, they are able to provide specialized management consulting for top clients and customers. With this program, when a customer make a purchase with APM, they send in a CA fellow with real-world experience leading that type of implementation with the Fortune 100 company. This is an industry first and a no-charge service. After all, CEO Michael Gregoire wants these companies to fully understand the software they just purchased. CA Technologies has been in beta with the CA fellow program and has worked out the kinks. They are currently rolling out CA fellow.

Pioneer App Radio Connect Your Car with a Cool Stereo, Aha Radio – CES 2012 0

Pioneer App Radio Connect Your Car with a Cool Stereo, Aha Radio – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS At the TPN CES Live show, Harry Kroll from Pioneer Car Electronics joined Andy and Courtney. Harry talked about their new App Radio 2, which connects to iOS, and now Android devices. In dash car CD players with HD Radio, CD players and more. In-dash navigation systems, and of course, App Radio. A capacitive touch screen, with full function of your apps on a much bigger screen. Think of it like an emulator or a second screen for your smartphone. The interface will be almost identical to your device. A little bit of difference, but it’s your account, happening through your device – only amplified through the phone. Of course, you can’t open every app to App Radio. Pioneer works with certain companies to make the apps that you need to work with App Radio. There is an SDK available from Pioneer, so you...

OTT #3: Zach Larson – SideReel 1

OTT #3: Zach Larson – SideReel

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Episode 3 is an interview with Zach Larson from SideReel, a website that helps find, track and watch shows. The site not only gives you a schedule of shows, but also shows you where to download and watch them. One interesting feature about the site Zach mentions is the Cancellation Buzz – a show that talks about shows on the edge of cancellation and those that have been nixed. What’s New in Web TV shows you a little bit about the independent productions. The website has several different video shows reviewing TV programs and giving you the skinny on what’s happening. Zach and Jeffrey Powers talk about scheduling and viewing TV shows using mobile internet devices. Subscribe to the OTT

Quickcast – Netflix Review, Ford Sync, Trip to San Fran 1

Quickcast – Netflix Review, Ford Sync, Trip to San Fran

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis month I took some time to check out Netflix and how they have changed since I last used them. I had Netflix back in 2002, where you would have to wait a whole week and a half for the next 3 movies in the queue. It was an upgrade when they put in a new distribution center closer to me, therefore movies only took a week. I moved over to Blockbuster simply because of convenience. That year I also switched banks because of convenience – More locations, more options. But this last year I closed that bank account and went back to my credit union. Online banking made it easy for me to get stuff done. So I figured, if I can do it with banking, I can do it with movie rentals. Sponsor:  14 Day Gold Membership & 1 FREE audio book...

Bitstrips – Creating Comics online – Screencast 0

Bitstrips – Creating Comics online – Screencast

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI have been an avid Bitstripper for the last year and a half. Recently, I have been making efforts which causes me to not be on the site as much. Nonetheless, when I get some down time, I will spend it making a new comic. On Dec 4th. Bitstrips came out with a new builder and added more items to their builder. In this screencast, we go over the items added and show you a little bit about creating a character and a comic. We also talk a bit about Bitstrips for Schools – a site for teachers and students.

Geekazine Original – Blogworld Bound 0

Geekazine Original – Blogworld Bound

O.K. I was a little bored tonight, so I put together a song for this next week’s Blogworld – New Media Expo. It’s only a few days away and I am pumped to meet and learn (and relax a bit). Are you going to the show? Let me know. I get there on Wednesday, so we could easily meet up for a “Pre Blogworld drink”. If someone has a guitar with them, I might just pull out the song again. This time with a little bit of practice. After all, I’m a drummer – not a Guitar playing Harmonica hasher…. But for now, here’s an unofficial Blogworld song. If you want to sing along: Doesn’t matter if I got no money. Doesn’t matter at all. I set me a path and now I’m heading down this road. (cause I’m)Blogworld bound – That’s where I’m gonna be. And baby...

Special Guest Podcaster on TPN Weekly Ep. 14 0

Special Guest Podcaster on TPN Weekly Ep. 14

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSponsor: Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer visit www.gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts This week I take my Podcast talents over to the TPN Weekly Podcast for episode 14. I take the Podcast in a slightly different direction, as I talk a little bit about me and growing up in technology. I throw out some of the computers I used to work with, like the Commodore Vic20, Atari and Apple Macintosh, then my rise into an IT role. I also talk a bit about the future of technology and where we are going as New Media Specialists. It was a fun show to do simply because I went off the cuff and didn’t talk about present tech news. If anything, it was more of an audio blog. I also put some Podcast-safe background music into it. It was provided by Kalliopi, and...

Special Thanksgiving LIVE Show!! 11-27-08 0

Special Thanksgiving LIVE Show!! 11-27-08

We had a special episode of the LIVE Show tonight as we talked about Black Friday and a bunch more stuff. Was only an hour tonight, but we still had some good conversation.