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Booting Knoppix:  A Short Photo Tour 0

Booting Knoppix: A Short Photo Tour

In my post on Tasting Linux, I mentioned Live CDs as a way of sticking your toe in the Linux pool to see whether it might be fun to dive in. I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of what a Knoppix Live CD boot looks like. This is just an intro, not a detailed HOWTO.

Tasting Linux 0

Tasting Linux

A few days ago, I tried to give a general introduction to Linux, not from a techie perspective, but from a big picture perspective. I mentioned that I was reluctant to try Linux until I had a spare computer to throw at it. Like almost anyone, I didn’t want to take a working computer and put something on it that I’d never tried and maybe end up with a mumble-hundred-dollar paperweight. But there’s a way to sample Linux without installing it. . . .