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TBD Broadcasts Internet Based Video Content to Over the Air TV Channels

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf there was a channel on air that brings YouTube and other Internet creators forward, would you watch it? TBD believes you will. I sit down with Kyle Hill to talk about TBD, which markets it’s available in, and how you can watch it online. TBD is at VidCon! Come to our booth in the industry lounge and hang out. We have stuff to give you! #TBD #WhatsNext #VidCon2017 pic.twitter.com/3IMpZrJOLT — TBD (@TBD) June 23, 2017 Check out TBD.Com to watch the channel live, or check out the many great shows, such as TableTop, FailArmy, Emma Approved, and more.

Boxee: Live TV Tuner USB Dongle – CES 2012 0

Boxee: Live TV Tuner USB Dongle – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWe are back talking with Boxee to see what’s going on with this Over the Top TV solution. They introduced a new way to add local channels to your Boxee. The new Live TV tuner is a USB dongle that you connect to the Boxee. Plug your cable or antenna to the dongle, and watch your shows from the Boxee box. There is also a social network option to this device that will help you find shows your friends are watching. Get Boxee on Amazon The Boxee live TV tuner USB only works on Boxee box. They have put out version 1.5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but also announced they will be moving away from those platforms to focus on the Over the Top TV device. Boxee Dongle is $49. The Boxee is available at $179 [cessponsor]

Geekazine on WISC-TV Talking Cyber Monday Deals 0

Geekazine on WISC-TV Talking Cyber Monday Deals

This morning I was on WISC-TV 3 for News 3 This Morning. I talked about Cyber Monday deals for a 3 minute segment at 6:20 am. Charolette Deleste interviewed me for this segment. We started out talking about the history of Cyber Monday. Simply put – 10 years ago, with a lot of homes not having a good internet connection, and a big bulky computer in the public area – Not to mention the kids running around so you can’t shop for their gifts – most people reverted to Monday at lunch time to do their shopping. However, this year we saw a jump in sales because retailers used the whole weekend to give deals. Add to that, a 14% increase in people using their mobile devices to make purchases this weekend, they had a great Black Friday weekend. So now Cyber Monday is here. Charolette asked which websites...

Suicide of Abraham Biggs on Justin.tv 0

Suicide of Abraham Biggs on Justin.tv

Abraham Biggs was a troubled teenager – at least that is what the news stories out there state. Abraham had attempted suicide before. But now he had an International audience – And a cheering section. It’s a travesty. Some of the viewers might have at first thought it was a joke, but it became all too real. In a first-hand account, he thought it was a joke. When the viewer realized it was less a joke and more reality, he tried to contact authorities. After multiple attempts and a couple hours later, the Broward County Police enter the home of Abraham. Jaws drop here.