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Cabot: I Play with the Cajon Robot Drummer

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCabot is making a MIDI device you can attach to your Cajon drum. The result – a robotic drummer for your solo gigs. A device that is fun to watch, along with fun to play with. I know – I played along with it at SXSW. How Cabot Works The Robot drummer is controlled via app on your iOS device or via PC using your favorite MIDI software. You can create the rhythms through the app, then send to the device to play. A pedalboard is available to start, stop, and transition the drummer for your need. Cabot is Crowdfunding Soon The prototypes are now set, Cabot will be launching their crowdfund very soon. To get on the list, simply Go to Cajon-Robot.com and choose “News” and “Subscribe”.

Beatbuddy with MIDI Maestro Pedalboard for a Drummer in a Pedal

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBeatbuddy by Singularsound is adding a new pedal to the arsenal in the MIDI Maestro. I sat down and talked about these items at NAMM 2018. We also got a great demonstration on how they work. What is Beatbuddy This is a personal drummer pedal. It adds drums when you are practicing, doing a solo gig, playing in a band, and more. With the 2-button adapter, you can add stops, and accent sounds such as cymbal crashes or hand claps to the pedal. With the MIDI software, you can setup your pedal for your shows, or even create beats for original songs. What is MIDI Maestro This is a MIDI pedalboard that can do more than just control your Beatbuddy. Set up guitar effects, lighting, or anything else that can be MIDI controlled. The mushroom buttons also help those musicians who...

Cubase Pro 9 DAW Brings Customer Enhancements

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCubase music software has been around since 1989 by German musical software company Steinberg. The idea was to help with recording and arranging music. I remember using early versions of Cubase when I was even studying music in the early 90’s. Thee ability to create scores and record thoughts took me to a whole new level with my music. If it wasn’t for Steinberg Cubase, we wouldn’t have many features for recording, including the Virtual Studio Technology (VST). Fast forward to 2017 and Cubase is continuing strong with Cubase Pro 9 series. More gearing toward the laptop with touchscreen capabilities, this ninth symphony of software geared toward incorporating enhancements the customers needed to make the software work for them. Greg Ondo shows me the features at winter NAMM 2017. New Features in Cubase Pro 9 Zoning – The first new feature...

Roli Blocks Makes Modular Music in Multiple Ways ???

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLast year Roli came out with a keyboard that disrupted the musical instrument. This year, Roli doesn’t disappoint with Roli Blocks, a modular pad system that allows you to create beats, play loops, or even solo on songs. It’s an easy way to make music on your iOS device. Downloading the Roli App Noise is the first step in this system. The app is free and you can start working the pads right on the screen. Adding the modular pads will bring more functionality, turning the iPhone or iPad into another screen for multi-touch use. You can also connect the pads up to your favorite software for more functionality. At CES Unveiled, they were playing saxophone solos right from the pads. Roli Blocks main pad starts at $179, and additional blocks start at $79. You can get Blocks at your local Apple...