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SmallHD Focus External Monitor with Visibility in Daylight

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs a sole camera operator in my travels, I find it difficult at times to see the camera screen. The new Canon M5 screen doesn’t articulate right, so sometimes I have to frame a videos, then trust it’s position. If I had to do a close-focus shot from a lens, that could definitely go south. SmallHD makes video monitors for your camera. Not only ones that allow you to position for yourself, but also ones that add extra features so your camera shot is the best it can be. With a full touchscreen, the 5 inch Focus is for the Vlogger or Video podcaster like myself. About the SmallHD Focus The Focus will show you a 720p resolution video, 294 PPI, and 800 nits. This allows for viewing the screen even if the sun is beating down on you. The camera...

Workspace Lift35 Improves Your Desk Adding Adjustable Height

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI remember when I had to move from desk to desk not only at work, but also at home. While office desks might have ability to be height-adjusted, home desks are a fixed height because they are also your kitchen table or the old desk in the basement. That is why I love the ErgotronHome Workspace Lift35 Desk – It’s an addition to your desk that adds multiple tiers, along with the ability to raise the table and stand at your desk. I have been a fan of the Ergotron brand for years. Having the Workfit D Adjustable Desk and the dual monitor mount, I can move my desk around without major issue. ErgotronHome is the consumer version of the company which gives home offices the same abilities to work. Back at CES, I talked about the ErgotronHome Hub27 mounted desk which is great for...

Projector or LED TV? We Review EPSON EX7200. 2

Projector or LED TV? We Review EPSON EX7200.

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSYou are looking for a new way to watch TV, play games or present materials. TV’s and projectors are two good ways to watch, but which one should you get? In the Geekazine Review, Jeffrey Powers looks at the EPSON EX 7200 unit *. He goes over the specifications and helps you answer if you should get that projector, or buy a LED TV. Advantages of the Projector: The biggest would have to be portability. Even though LED TV‘s are light-weight, a projector can be put in a case and slung over the shoulder. When you are ready to present, set it up and connect to the source. You can scale the screen from small to extra- large. The screen we shot in the basement was 65″ in a diagonal pattern. You can flip a projector and put it on the...

Samsung 950 Series 3D TV 0

Samsung 950 Series 3D TV

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSUltra-thin, aluminum chassis and a sleek new look is the Samsung 950 TV series. Great for 3D and 2D TVs. This is an LED panel that will come as a monitor and an HDTV. This TV is expected to have full 1080p at 240Hz,  built-in WiFi, Internet Apps and a touchscreen remote. Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central Thanks to Audible for sponsoring GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on Hosting at GoDaddy. Thanks to Luxor for sponsoring

Ramblings – 6-21-09 – Las Vegas 1

Ramblings – 6-21-09 – Las Vegas

Day Off – Sort of A late Ramblings this week as I decided to stay offline last week. It was a long week and I was playing all weekend. It has been a while since I last took more than 24 hours off a computer, so that is a big feat for me. HP Tech Forum I had a fun time talking and working with Andy McCaskey and Kara Karsten with SDRNews. We had such a blast. We also put forward the mobile interview booth rig. We call it the “MacGyver” rig. Nonetheless, it was connected to uStream and we were able to conduct a few interviews for the event. Check out all the info on the Twitter log at #HPTF. Great to meet some new bloggers: Shane Pitman of Neowin, John Obeto of AbsoluteWindows. We had a great week along with Halley, Tom, Calvin and Rebecca from...

Triple Threat 0

Triple Threat

The Guardian reports that Mary Lou Jepsen, who designed the OLPC, has now engineered a screen, dubbed the Pixel Qi, that can work as a computer monitor, a television screen, or “paper” that can be read in sunlight, similar to the Amazon Kindle. Read the full story here.


Sure Microphones SE-115, USB Microphone X2U, USB PG42, PG27

Todd Cochrane interviews Matt at CES Unveiled about Sure products and Sure Microphones. Included was: Sure SE-115 Single Driver Earphone 2nd Generation Dynamic MicroDrivers Integrated Mic and 3-Button Remote Multiple Eartips Carrying Case Included Shure USB Microphone X2U (Zero Latency Monitoring) $129.00 XLR to USB Adapter Supplies +48V Phantom Power 1/8″ (3.5mm) Headphone Output Microphone Level Adjustment Tri-Color Peak Indicato Shure PG42 USB (Vocals) and Sure PG27 (Instruments) -15dB Pad Voice-Tailored Frequency Response Cardioid Polar Pattern Also, Jeffrey plays with the PG27 and PG42 mics at CES itself on the Backchannel:

Smartphones Killed the PDA Star (and more) 0

Smartphones Killed the PDA Star (and more)

I saw you back in Comdex in 83 – You were a exciting new technology – a marvel to me with a touchscreen. Ohhhh, ohhh But times have changed and you are now put to the side – the integration with the phone makes it real nice – and you get tossed in the scrap pile to die. Ohhh, ohhh I used your applications ohhh, ohhh And all your revelations…. I did have a PDA. I had a few of them. Palm, iPaq, Axim and a host of others. However, 2 years ago I got my first Smartphone. That pretty much put my last PDA to the side. Earlier in the week I read the article “5 things the Smartphone Killed“. While I am not in total agreeance of the list just yet, I do agree on a lot of their items and I can see the Smartphone...

Give Your Eyes a Break and Strengthen Them Up. 1

Give Your Eyes a Break and Strengthen Them Up.

Like a lot of you, I’ve been working hard all morning on the computer. Staring at a screen for hours can really take it’s toll. If you are still using a CRT monitor, your eyes straign even more than those using an LCD. So this lunch time get some food, and workout a little: on your eyes. When you focus on a fixed item for a period of time, your eyes will strain. It’s kinda like if you picked up a box around 5-10 pounds. Try holding it up for 5 to 10 minutes. Your muscles at first might be comfortable with the box weight, but after a couple minutes, the box seems to get harder to hold up in the same position.

LIVE SHOW – 5-19-08 0

LIVE SHOW – 5-19-08

2 hours of great information. We talked about a lot of great topics. Hour 1: Browser Plugins, Website, HTC Tilt, Hackintosh

Jeffrey Powers 0

Weekly Roundup 1 – Will Android beat Godzilla, Mothra?

I am reminded of the old Godzilla movies when I hear “Android”. But in all reality, this is not much different. We just don’t see a cardboard city get demolished by 3 guys dressed in costumes. Google has given themselves not only a humungous undertaking in aquiring Android, but also a new buzzword that has been passed back and forth many times in the last few weeks. Since it’s silent aquisition back in August, the news has been anything but ‘quiet’. Companies getting on the bandwagon, putting in the hours to make this thing a success. But the real question is – Is this something that the massess want, or will this become another piece of diregarded technology. It’s safe to say that everyone wants a phone that can do more than take phone calls. Text messaging has become more viable way of communicating. According to www.cellsigns.com, 79% of the...